Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days! Lose it!

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How I lost 30 pounds in 30 days. I started September 1, 2011 and I lost 30 pounds by October 1 2011. It was a struggle but I survived and have been maintaining my weight since. I really want to lose 20 more so stay tuned to watch me shrink 🙂 Feel free to inbox me if you have any questions. You can also do a video response 🙂 Checkout my 2 week update youtu.be Checkout my 2 Month Update youtu.be Want to Lose Weight Fast? Checkout my Get Slim Quick Video. Lose 10 pounds in 3 days! www.youtube.com BTW follow me on Lose it @ RedHott.Vanity@gmail.com
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26 Responses to “Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days! Lose it!”

  1. Aly Charles writes:

    thats what I was wondering lol

  2. Jamie Herrick writes:

    these apps only let you choose to lose 2 lbs per week…what are you doing, cutting those calories in half to lose 4 a week? what what?

  3. Mike Robinson writes:

    Start losing weight now as its not impossible POUNDALE.COM Helped me solve my problem and they can help anyone.

  4. seo moz writes:

    Hello, have you heard about Cosmos Fat Loss? (just google it) You will learn about the serious crimes we commit against our bodies. With Cosmos Fat Loss, you will discover how to burn up fat fast.

  5. leyvabonita143 writes:

    Oh em gee girl! This simple video has inspired me so much…the simple tricks u did encourages me because their so simple and dont seem overwhelming! Thank you…god bless you:)

  6. swimmergurl808 writes:

    Please share

  7. likeplutofar writes:

    so exactly how many calories did u eat everyday ? and how many days a week did u work out and for how long ?

  8. Khadaijah Gardner writes:

    thank you for sharing this I have to get ready for summer tomorrow I start the dr.oz 3 day detox and after tat I will be using lose it !

  9. tolufunso writes:


  10. Joe Chandler writes:

    I found the solution at POUNDALE.COM . Do as I did and start losing weight now.

  11. marissa chavez writes:

    Thanks girl for the app!! 🙂 ive already lost 40  pounds but I need to lost another 35 so I can get down to 100 pounds!!

  12. blahstefy writes:

    Babe they also sell these freaking awesomeeeee FiberOne cookie brownies in BJ’s that are only 90 calories since you said you crave brownies!! they’re awesome and sweet for when you really need that sweet fix! thank you so much for the video btw! keep going!!

  13. 4ImSavedbyGrace writes:

    congratulations! i love the video, very inspirational

  14. Mike Robinson writes:

    Start losing weight now as its not impossible POUNDALE.COM Helped me solve my problem and they can help anyone.

  15. Jameka Jones writes:

    Thank you so much my husband gonna be happy im doing this cause yep im one off the lazy ones and i love my brownies too.

  16. tasneem javed writes:

    If you seriously want to lose weight quickly, you should search google for Atomic Fat Loss. They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

  17. Tracey Seace writes:

    I really appreciate this app and your kindness in sharing it. I love this because for me, it let’s me be more conscientious about how I spend my calories each day. So far I have lost a bit over 10 pounds and it has been a dream! I feel like I am playing a game. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Esmeralda Madrid writes:

    the app is called lose it!

  19. thatsa frenchassname writes:

    You want to lose weight and tone up at the same time. I’m dieting and exercisizing because I want to lose weight the right way. Plus, you lose much more weight doing both.

  20. Mike Robinson writes:

    Losing weight realy fast? After few researches I have found only one website that realy works. POUNDALE.COM Check it out

  21. Audra Evans writes:

    Ok so you were a whore before & a trim/fit whore after. Did I miss anything

  22. lovellmorgan79 writes:

    Thank you!

  23. TeamMcSlim writes:

    Marlene, she said it like 20 times. It’s called lose it

  24. Marlene Erdmann writes:

    what is tthe app called?

  25. anna zendejas writes:

    omg thanks ima try this iv has 2 kids nd i need to loos dat weight nd i was seriously thinking bout starting weight watchers nd now im not ha thanks by da way u look grate 🙂

  26. imaginativelads writes:

    Is it machine washable?

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