Looking for tips on extreme weight loss?

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Question by Dolkite: Looking for tips on extreme weight loss?
Im six-foot-three, about 255 lbs, and I want to lose at least 100 lbs. I dont care if some girls like big guys, I dont care if it makes me look hideous or gross or unattractive.

Im going to do this gradually. I have no real time limit, tho it would be nice to do this by late August if I could. I was just wondering if anyone attempted anything similar and if they had any advice.

My plan is to begin by eating 1200 calories a day and decrease from there.

Best answer:

Answer by Tanner
im just suggesting you shoot for losing 80 pounds because your bone structure probably grew to support being 255 and your 6’3 as it is 155 and 6’3 is pretty damn skinny and you will probably have alot of leg muscle.

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4 Responses to “Looking for tips on extreme weight loss?”

  1. Alex writes:

    Don’t eat less than you should. Start with what your eating now, and slowly decrease from there. If you do a drastic decrease on the intake of calories, then you’ll end up doing some damage that you don’t want. Start an exercise routine, like 20-30 minutes a day at least 3 times a week. Once you feel good with what your doing there, then increase the workout by the amount you do.

  2. Jake S writes:

    First off Don’t go by weight because at 6’3 you probably have a ton of muscle go by waist size or body fat % second you can’t only eat 1200 calories a day thats very bad for someone your height and weight start at around 1800 and as you start losing weight keep decreasing your intake. I have embarked on that kinda of journey my best advice is to stick to your plan and not to have a big goal like 100 pounds. aim for 220 then when your there make it 210 then 190 etc. before you start this go buy a book and a mens health you shouldn’t stick exaclty to the diet the book says just take tips from it. As to how my plan went I’m still on it and it’s working for how much effort i put into it. Also eat tons of almonds they are like the perfect diet food aim for eating like 30 almonds a day. Also you’d be suprised how many calories we drink even if you drink diet pop or anything like that it’s still pretty bad for you just drink water and measure out your food that you eat. And as to working out Do a cardio plan instead of just going on a treadmill or somthin like that make a plan just like in your head on your way to the gym like 20 minutes of treadmil than a mile biking than the stair master and cool down on an elipticle. also take 1 day a week to lift weights for most of your workout lifting is extremely crucial to losing weight. And always lift before a day wehn you rest to rest your muscles.
    Hope I helped good luck if you have any questions along the way email me and I’ll be happy to answer them.

  3. jordiix writes:

    Don’t cut calories.
    You need 3000 a day to be healthy calories are not what kill you
    its the fat
    eat healthy things it is bad to deprive yourself of less than half of what you have to have daily.
    Walk 15 minutes and gradually increase then run 5 then 10 then 15 GRADUALLY you will lose the weight but it will take time and dedication

  4. prolific.dreamer writes:

    Your Doctor will be able to give you guidance for a rapid weight loss program if you want to lose it particularly quickly, however they are often reluctant to do so because done incorrectly it can be quite dangerous or detrimental to your health so close monitoring by your Dr is usually essential.

    If you wish to do it on your own the way forward is a calorie controlled BALANCED diet combined with exercise. Generally speaking you want to reduce your calorie intake by about a 5th. So instead of consuming the advised 2500 kcal you need to be consuming 2000.

    Don’t drop to 1200 kcal without medical advise.

    The key is exercise. Push yourself to exhaustion even if at first you can only run 500 meters or do 5 mins exercise before you collapse in a pool of your own sweat. You will get better.

    AND eat healthy. There is not point reducing your kcal intake if you’re just eating 2000 kcals of hamburgers.

    If you are going to exercise to this extent you need to eat something substantial as you will need the energy. otherwise you will make yourself ill.

    Last note – Drink loads of water you’d be surprised how much weight you can lose by substituting all other drinks for water. Plus you’ll need the hydration for all that exercise!

    Hope this helps.

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