Leptin Green Coffee 800

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Leptin on “A Current Affair” TV on Monday night throughout Australia at a Prime Time People will go to any lengths to lose weight. But what about a diet that’s supposedly as simple as drinking a cup of coffee in the morning? It’s the latest weight loss fad, but does it work? Thousands of people are brewing up a storm and some are claiming to lose kilograms in the process. If you are considering trying Leptin Green Coffee 800 and have any sort of medical condition it’s best to seek the advice of your doctor first. more info: www.green-coffee-800.com
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10 Responses to “Leptin Green Coffee 800”

  1. DESERYNKApl writes:

    @Peter19591207 = Peter Calka
    No way, only US Pharmacy is the one and oryginal formula! Thay have this information even on their website… No others, just GREEN COFFEE LEPTIN is oryginal, but many many products are fals (different formula, color, you dont know even what you drink!). I choose green coffee Leptin from official distibutor in Poland (www_green-coffee_pl) and I’m very glad. False produts are dangerous ! and different .

  2. peter19591207 writes:

    @laceytamtns Not at all. Leptin Green coffee 800 is very different and no other product work same good .
    There are many different products and all of them work just different ways.
    Look at Before and now Peter Calka, after just 30 days huge transformation, no stretch marks no loose skin, but there are some secrets.

  3. peter19591207 writes:

    @DESERYNKApl You are being taken for a ride. This is a total lie by one of the major sellers. There are just one factory making and packing Leptin Green Coffee 800. Someone got this idea that by spreading rumors they can charge you more money.

  4. peter19591207 writes:

    US Pharmaceutical does not recommend Leptin Green Coffee 800 to anyone below 18 . I am very experienced in the way those product work. Last two years I lost more than 45 kg, it was quite dramatic, easy and same time quite a challenge.
    If you are 15 you could try some different products like Powerful Slimming Patch Leptin, or slimming Massaging Gel Leptin or Slimming massaging Gel Leptin. I am not working for US Pharmaceutical, it is my own opinion. Wmumart

  5. hici61 writes:

    @anas419 they say you shoudnt take it if your under 16… so you should leave it.

  6. hici61 writes:

    I got my green coffee today but I’m also working out and watching my diet, so I wont put the weight back on. I’m actually doing this for my sisters wedding 🙂 

  7. anas419 writes:

    can sameone tell me if is bad to used if you are 15? is it bad please can sameone tell me thankk youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  8. DESERYNKApl writes:

    I use this in Poland, it’s work! but must be original Green Coffee Leptin, not false!
    I buy in Poland on
    It’s official Europe distributor ( hologram, original formula).

  9. fieydaazumi writes:

    Is it true,only 18 days can lost almost 10 kg…..

  10. laceytamtns writes:

    is this the same product as the chinese lepton tea?
    just the chinese one is not coffee but tea

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