Lego Lord of the Rings: Level 10/Warg Attack – FREE PLAY – All Collectables – HTG

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(HTG) Brian walks you through FREE PLAY for Level 10, Warg Attack FREE PLAY, for Lego Lord of the Rings. We grab the 9 remaining Mini kits we missed in our S…
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25 Responses to “Lego Lord of the Rings: Level 10/Warg Attack – FREE PLAY – All Collectables – HTG”

  1. Adam Cooley writes:

    go go gadget wenus…Epic.

  2. Nathan Danek writes:

    This guy is hilarious “reminds of an old girlfriend from highschool, but we
    won’t go there” I’m loving this guy

  3. e w writes:

    haldir and sauron

  4. Thomas Hill writes:

    Hi, I’m hoping someone can help me, I got this game recently on ps vita but
    after the level track hobbits the game progress on to warg attack. It’s
    really annoying, I’ve completed the track hobbits levels twice but it
    hasn’t went into the next level, and it doesn’t seem to give me the tree
    beard bit at the end.of the track hobbits level… Any ideas or ways I can
    continue with the story?

    Many thanks if someone sees this and thanks for the help :)

  5. votchert writes:

    Have you completed 100% of the game? I can’t find last 2 characters((

  6. August Andersson writes:


  7. MrRonnie1008 writes:

    your videos are just brilliant. helped me out loads. great work keep it up

  8. HappyThumbsGaming writes:

    Im not sure I understand the question. You have all of the items from the
    Story and FREE PLAY videos, but have not done the quests in the FREE ROAM
    open world? If you can elaborate a bit on your question I would be happy to
    try and help.

  9. HappyThumbsGaming writes:

    It seemed like it took 50-100 before the trophy popped for me. Make sure
    you wait till the circle is almost gone and the light flashes.. and keep at
    it. I know thats not much help, but thats about all we know on it. Seems
    glitchy like some of the other things.

  10. mgoodmanmassage writes:

    There is mithril climing boots.

  11. Nick Barrie writes:

    i have 100% now. but i think im going to sell it because when i get 100% in
    games, i usually don’t play them anymore.

  12. Adam Ahmad writes:

    I have almost got 100 percent because of your videos

  13. AnimaMandala writes:

    ugh, i’m trying to get the blacksmith design, but my screen never scrolls
    over enough to hit the last target!

  14. Shawn C writes:

    This guide helped me to get the blacksmith design your videos are awesome

  15. HappyThumbsGaming writes:

    Your welcome! Glad you found it useful! Let us know if you have any
    questions or suggestions for us and thanks for watching!

  16. maxikre writes:

    I have a x3840 multiplier

  17. HappyThumbsGaming writes:

    Are you referring to the shape the Mini kit builds? Maybe a horses head?
    Kind of looks like a horse’s head with some riot gear on.. well mid evil
    riot gear.. If thats not what you were asking please clarify so I can try
    and help out. Thanks for watching!

  18. Pawpz Lucas writes:

    Its a horse head with armor on

  19. Lokkii64 writes:

    Great vid :D! also can u found wargs in the overworld or do they only
    appear in warg attack?

  20. HappyThumbsGaming writes:

    No prob!

  21. Le'Shaun Kincaid writes:

    You can get souron

  22. HappyThumbsGaming writes:

    Nice! Glad we could help!

  23. HappyThumbsGaming writes:

    Back in Hobbiton in Bilbos House, Bag End on the map. Hope this helps!

  24. Pam Arbelaez writes:

    you rock

  25. HappyThumbsGaming writes:

    Not a for sure fix, but try playing the level over from the beginning and
    dont use the save statues along the way. Reports have come in that this
    helps in some cases. There must be other variable effecting this outcome,
    because its not 100% true.. but when we figure out more we will for sure
    share what we learn. Let us know if this helps..

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