laxatives for weight loss

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weight loss before and after women

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28 Responses to “laxatives for weight loss”

  1. Totti Mund writes:

    AND AL

  2. Totti Mund writes:

    OMG DREW CARRY!!!! 😀

  3. Mohamed Mahdi writes:
  4. nylasimone2000 writes:

    Don’t do it took only 2 days and 2 laxatives for each day for me to feel
    like shit when I did it I felt sick I had cramps in my stomach I wanted to
    throw up when I used the bathroom everything was water my butt was hurting
    I was up all night feeling sick eat good stuff that are like healthy
    laxatives like watermelon cause laxatives are awful and I only took 4 in 2

  5. jothi mani writes:

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  6. Justin Nguyen writes:

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  7. james thomas writes:

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  8. james thomas writes:

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    other ingredients used techniques because of the fact that your body
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  9. Misha Ovchinik writes:

    Nice, but .I did -15 lbs last 7 days.Visit

  10. dhana shrestha writes:

    If you want to lose weight effeciently, I suggest you Google search for
    “Amos Fat Loss”. You are bound to achieve the appearance you deserve.

  11. hartfordjillian writes:

    Does anyone know my case? I barely purge maybe like 4x a week but I take
    miralax and exlax constantly! I’ve lost 13 lbs (I’m 17 5″5 and now 102.4lb)
    is this just bulimia or some dirt of version of bulimia? And I’m not going
    to the doc to answer it cuz my nurse is my aunt :/

  12. Whitney Belle writes:

    Finally someone on youtube with normal smart sensible advice about weight
    loss! People take notes! lol

  13. MySaraMarie writes:

    @Shellyloves2dance Literally, I NEVER go to fast food restaurants. I just
    have no desire or craving for it, it actually really grosses me out man
    hahhaha And whenever people bug me about not eating meat I just smile and
    nod and go about my hummus ways

  14. avin gul writes:

    u look like j-lo 🙂

  15. MySaraMarie writes:

    @SleepIsMagic just love to controversy 😛

  16. Gina Leanza writes:

    What if you don’t abuse it. I mean I get it absorbs the calories, but it
    can’t if you don’t eat calories. I basically all I drink now besides when
    with friends is water. I rarely eat and I have lost 7 lbs and I am slowly
    starting to go back on a normal diet and it really works. I don’t abuse
    laxatives, but I have taken them.

  17. bikram tuladhar writes:

    Have you seen Trim Fat Maximizer? (Go google it) It is a quick way to lose
    fat fast.

  18. Leah Ponzi writes:

    yeah my friend does the same thing except she got SUPER thin when she
    switched to vegetarian and not eating dairy just eating nuts fruits veggies
    soup and all that she got too thin and i dont think shes been eating the
    right emount

  19. BeagleAnimalLover writes:

    i never ate meat in my life. that’s how i was rised plus i love animals

  20. Chickenp00nage2 writes:

    @XXtamingXmarieXX look up the vegan zombie.

  21. tangypasta writes:

    removing limbs = instant weight loss

  22. TheEXSTATICGAMER writes:

    great vid and guys show a little respect google it youll find a little
    respect gos farther than all that swearing an bs

  23. Chickenp00nage2 writes:

    @Shellyloves2dance what annoys me more is that “umbrella term” vegetarian
    to describe vegan, When Vegan is a step further.

  24. nalan075 writes:

    Hey YouTubers, have you experienced Fat Blast Lifestyle? (look for it on
    google) You will discover the serious crimes we commit against our bodies.
    With Fat Blast Lifestyle, you will discover how to shed pounds quickly.

  25. edstar83 writes:

    Just don’t drink the tap water.

  26. Alisa Milligan writes:

    It’s your life! You do you. Forget the haters. 🙂 I wish i could cut out
    meat but it gets hard. Blah.

  27. imjusdatbol writes:

    you look like amanda bynes lol just saying

  28. SirJhon256 writes:


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