Ketosis weight loss diet for vegetarians?

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egg diet for weight loss
by Michael Dawes

Question by dixiecowgirl1988: Ketosis weight loss diet for vegetarians?
I am trying to start a ketosis diet to lose weight but I am a vegetarian. What are some good foods that I could eat? I read egg whites and cheese are good and protein powder, but no nuts. My main protein income is usually nuts and beans. Are beans still ok? And it says to up the fat intake. I only get about 5% of the daily fat as it is and barley lose weight. Uping the fat doens’t make sense.. How would that help me lose weight? I do not want to take meds or anything to induce ketosis.

Best answer:

Answer by drusillaslittleboot
Beans are too high in carbs to throw you into ketosis (unless you’re hardcore at working out).

Some foods you should stock up on are… (in net carbs)
– Macadamias (1.5 for 12 nuts)
– Yves veg hot dogs (~2 per dog)
– Firm tofu (7/100 g)
– Almonds (2.5 for 23 nuts
– Edamame (10 for 1 cup shelled)

Any hard cheese is fine; just have one thumb sized stick of it max per day. Also, whole eggs are less than 1 carb per egg. Meat analogues tend to be good choices, too, just read the labels carefully.

Fat – the fat satisfies your hunger and keeps up your calories – you’re not trying for starvation. Also, you’re trying to convert from carbs as your energy source to fat burning.

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3 Responses to “Ketosis weight loss diet for vegetarians?”

  1. ☮ Тσ тнιиє σωи ѕєℓf вє тяυє ☮ writes:

    Why aren’t you allowed to eat nuts? They are full of protein and good fats! The reason you need fats is because they can help keep your body moving at top speed. Higher metabolism is impossible without good fats. Just avoid saturated or trans fats. Also, fats lubricate the colon and help regulate digestion.

    Beans are probably fine. They do not have a lot of fat, but have plenty of dietary fiber and protein.

    I am no expert. Perhaps you should consult your doctor?

  2. Turkish writes:

    PLEASE avoid ketogenic diets at all costs. When we get off of these diets that induce ketosis, we gain all the weight back and then some. Not to mention how tough it is on all of our organs. Me being a strict vegan it would be impossible to have the “zero” carb food required for ketosis. Even as a lacto-ovo-vegetarian the only thing you could eat would be eggs and cheese which would get old fast. Do you really want to take in 50 grams of saturated fat a day? A well-balanced vegetarian diet coupled with daily exercise is the way to achieve weight loss that is a bit more permanent than from this fad, unhealthy diet.

  3. wiccagirl24 writes:

    Ketosis diets mimic starvation. They’re only good for extreme cases like childhood epilepsy, and only under the care of a doctor. They are not something to play around with.

    Reducing your fat so drastically is not healthy either. your brain needs fat, your eyes, your digestive system, your reproduction system and more. You need at least 5 times as much fat as you’re getting.

    Ruining your health is not worth losing a little weight.

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