Josh koscheck talks about Cutting Weight

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Kutting Weight interview with Josh Koscheck.

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15 Responses to “Josh koscheck talks about Cutting Weight”

  1. hellosaysme08 writes:

    good lad x

  2. yellopanda writes:

    koscheck should have a word of the day segment

  3. asenseofhate writes:

    oh, i understand what you mean and agree with you. ever since a close family member of mine sustained a TBI, i’ve been studying the mechanism and physiology of TBIs and know full well that bones knit, scars fade, but damage to the brain doesn’t repair. this is the unfortunate reality i see in them every day. I simply meant in my statement that your average person has brain cells that die off regularly and new ones that develop regularly, but that doesn’t reverse brain damage

  4. Bzdi138 writes:

    if you get hit in the head repeatedly – it WILL cause brain damage and your brain will not “repair” itself. Brain damage is cumulative. Not saying that MMA causes this per say but your comment is irresponsible

  5. hellosaysme08 writes:

    vitor belfort doing the interview

  6. asenseofhate writes:

    thats an old wives tale. you can produce more brain cells as old ones die

  7. mitchscene096 writes:

    Also mma fighter do live a very healthy lifestyle but alot of the time not a prolonged life. There are to cells that don’t copy themselves. Reproduce if you will. Those two are brain cells and nerve cells. All those blows to the head and the accumulation factor of those brain cells during results in disorders such as parkensons and alzimers. I love mma but it’s very risky in the longrun

  8. mitchscene096 writes:

    @AndrewryanJD Bobby southworth that all I have to say to that lol.

  9. TrueGreatness73 writes:

    You will have to lower your salt intake dramatically and keep potassium in your body. This will reduce water retention. Then you limit your water intake and rub albolene on your body and put on a hot suite and do cardio. Then pour green rubbing alcohol and epsom salt in a hot ass bath and sit and wait in it for 45 mins plus depending on how much you need to lose. Then dry pat yourself and lay in some towels and take a power nap. No water/food intake until weigh in. After rehydrate and supplement

  10. AndrewRyanJD writes:

    lolz have u seen a fighter cut weight? watch ultimate fighter they dont drop 10 pounds of fat lol

  11. dfox3526 writes:

    Not in this case. He isn’t burning fat to cut weight. The last 10 pounds are water. It has zero to do with “calories in, calories out”.

  12. Paul Larkin writes:

    Cutting weight you will need to cut 3500 calories through diet and exercise to lose 1 pound. If you want to cut 10 pounds you will need to cut 35,000 calories. 5 pounds a week is possible with maximum cardio and diet. As Josh stated if you are in great shape your workouts will be more intense and the calories will burn faster.

  13. sanitary103 writes:

    he looks so much better with both eyes, lol…j/p, I like Kosh

  14. depeau44 writes:

    did he say DRAMASTICALLY??? at 1:06

  15. MetalTampon writes:

    Kos for the win!

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