Is Zerona Laser Weight Loss A Scam?

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Is Zerona Laser Weight Loss A Scam? It sounds to good to be true? Does the Zerona Laser work? These are questions we get all the time. The Zerona Laser is not a scam. Zerona Laser works all the time by burning fat. We help people who cannot burn fat and people who have trouble losing weight! Better Body Solutions in Manhattan NYC is a fifth avenue wellness center focused on helping people lose weight.

Visit our website at to learn how the Zerona Laser Pittsburgh Weight Loss Treatment Center can help you shed unwanted pounds and lose the weight you’ve always dreamed of losing! We serve the greater Pittsburgh area. Call us today to learn more at (724) 864-3310.
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21 Responses to “Is Zerona Laser Weight Loss A Scam?”

  1. PureTrimWeightLoss writes:

    Great work.. keep it up.

  2. birther1968 writes:

    When you say the patient has lost 10 to 13 inches in the hips? is that one measurement or over several spots on the leg.

  3. vspimpa writes:

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  7. Shameem Akhtar writes:

    Why don’t your friend, co-worker, cousin and mother in law come here and post it here themselves? You all are following a certain rule in your posts which is common. It’s too obvious

  8. Shameem Akhtar writes:

    Why everybody is talking about googling on Fast Blast Furnace? Some even said they thought it was a scam.
    Well, guess what… It is a scam, from all of you.

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  10. KLUNKET writes:

    I think that this is horse shit. Just another way for a highly educated person to trick common people into giving them thier money.

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  15. stevoworld72 writes:

    This doesn’t work. Waste of time and money. Your better of cutting ak a few calories a day and walking. Save your money.

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