Is this normal or is it wrong ?

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Question by : Is this normal or is it wrong ?
Okay so in 13, and I dont have my period.I Hate myself so bad like not even Auntie Gok could help. I have such a small face it Looks odd and I have like tichy boobs( B cup) I am 31-24-35 and I honestly just want to get a knife and cut straightdown so I have no hips at Ll they look Amzing on everyone apart from me. I feel like shit,I look shit and in most honesty I think it is true. People often
have said I am not right doing but obis this is a load of balls;

My daily routine;

I wake up at 7am, I do my breast massage( cocoa butter rubbed in circular motion for 100 time each breast) I then take an acai pill ( weight loss pill to mKe you not feel hungrey between make,itsactually does what it says on the tin) then have a full face Clense and then I spend an hour and an half on this including makeup.I then to school and at lunch I take another acai pill then have crips bread and 4 grapes (64 calories) then I do my hair and makeup usually about 10-15 times at school I come home and have a two hour workout (DVD by Hannah waterman) it’s high intensity
and its really good it’s build up my stamina loads and weight loss XD please do not say anything about my weight it’s horrific 5 ft 7.5 and 112 lb !!!! It makes me cringe ekkk I hate my tum n thighs anyway I then do hw and then have another acai pill before dinner which is a sort of fish cake but not a fish acne it’s a veg cake hehe 🙂 and a salad Jo dressing just leaves:…..then I have a shower I pumice my foot and do a full body scrub then you very hair removal on my legs, thighs and arms I then obis hair n all that but then when I come out I pluck my eyebrows or any stubble then creAm myself up and then file all my nails and then Clense my again( I do tone and cream ip after) then I go to bed go on fb 9 pm then I watch all the programs noted on weight, fat bs skinny,fat families,food hospital,Goks teenage thingy ten years younger, my fitness coach,slim ten ways to get skinny,25 celebs diets and anything that is related to weight cos I just find it interesting. I then compare myself by getting on the scales and using the tape measure on my waist hip and bust and co
Pare it to other pretty girls like Kiera knightly 🙂 shs so pretty !!! And others and that brings me to 1-2 am then I go l. Amazon and all thT and put I. My basket all beauty products and clothes And Mirical stuff then the whole day starts again.

I was just wondering to prove my friends and parents wrong and all that also cause o. Goks teenage thing there was a girl similar to me and she had a medical condondition I forgot want it was called anyway…..???

Best answer:

Answer by Rihanna Rowlands
Your self esteem is low
don’t think negative about you’re self
no one is perfect, everyone is different
you sad your face is too small? thats a perfect imperfection
just like i have a beauty spot by my lip

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3 Responses to “Is this normal or is it wrong ?”

  1. Chelsea writes:

    This entire thing is one enormous cry for attention. Please see a therapist about your obvious lack of self-confidence and attention at home.

  2. Amanda Tiber writes:

    You’re actually underweight. You probably look fine. You could put more weight on to be healthy. You just have a reeeeally low self esteem. I would honestly rather look like you than me though. 5’2 and 310 pounds? FML! Thyroid failure sucks.
    Either way, you’re 13, worry about school, not looks.
    Chin up young one. (:

  3. Sergey writes:

    Why don’t you go to the nearest women’s clinic near your place? I don’t want to give an advice about it, I am not so sure of it and afraid so that I might give you a wrong impression about your sickness. And aside from that I am not in the position to tell you what to do about it. It’s the ob-gynecologist who knows more about it.

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