is this method of weight loss unsafe?

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by Chris Devers

Question by : is this method of weight loss unsafe?
hello yahoo , i am14 years old i am 5,8 and 1/2 and i weigh 228 pounds ….m bmi is 34.0 i am overweight …although my doctor says i am healthy he recommends i lose the weight to avoid problems in the long run …i have started a strict diet since last week ..the rules are to cut out all junk food and high fat foods ..cut down on yeast and wheat consumption and do 3 hours of excercise everyday ..i have already lost 2 pounds in a week because when i started last week i weighed 230 lbs …..i have even started to exercise in extreme conditions like rain and hail and i do feel alot more mobile then in december when i played xbox for most of my time ,i am considering selling my xbox and buying a bicycle or maybe saving it up …..i just wanted to know if my diet was healthy …also when my dad saw me jogging for hours in the rain and doing push ups and pull ups he told me “take it easy son” “this aint marine bootcamp” he also told me to take it easy because he reminded me that i was lugging around 100 plus extra pound then my normal weight and he reminded me that people have had heart attacks from this and people who usually do this are on a high protien diet ….is my diet healthy? are there any dangers in my weightloss methods? if so please tell me

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Answer by anonymousPerson
The amount of exercise you’re doing every day sounds a bit extreme to me, but if you’re losing weight and not hurting excessively or noticing any other problems, I guess you should go for it. Check with your doctor if you’re really concerned. Good luck.

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2 Responses to “is this method of weight loss unsafe?”

  1. kid with a plan writes:

    You don’t have to over work your body just to see results. Right know your body isn’t used to all this work so over working your body can cause your heart to over work itself which can cause a heart attack. Just take it easy and within time your body will get used to the workout and your body with less weight, can work longer and harder then before.

  2. April Stone writes:

    Might sound obvious but the best way to lose weight is through diet and exercise.

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