Is there something I can combine with Oxy Elite Pro for faster results?

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by Chris Devers

Question by deathchild_001: Is there something I can combine with Oxy Elite Pro for faster results?
I’ve been on this stuff before and I can barely loose weight on it….I have an extremely hard time loosing weight. Have you combined anything with it to help the weight loss go faster? (I don’t care about long term affects) and how did you use them together?

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Answer by ClickMaster
Your taking junk which could have adverse long term side effects in addition to just wasting your money. Supplements for weight loss, muscle building, and weight gain are almost always a scam.

Here’s what one government white paper has to say. “OxyELITE Pro has quickly become one of the fastest selling fat burners on the market. Customers looking for a quick fix or to piggy back on a diet and exercise program are drawn to this product with the hope it will aid in weight loss. This product could possibly be effective due to the amounts of caffeine and brahmi in it. Each capsule contains 100mg of caffeine with the recommended daily amount being 2-3 capsules. These capsules are to be consumed prior to eating breakfast and again six hours later. The effects the caffeine creates will promote energy and possible appetite loss due to the hyperactivity caffeine produces. Brahmi enhances cognitive function and supports the physiological processes involved in relaxation. Combined these ingredients give consumers energy and not necessarily weight loss. When taken appropriately neither product is proven to be unsafe. The bottom line is that a pill will not create weight loss.”

“The Food and Drug Administration does not monitor supplement claims for accuracy. The FDA has to prove that a supplement is not safe before it can be removed from shelves resulting in overwhelming amounts of unsafe and ineffective supplements. If using a supplement is a decision you are considering ensure you follow the appropriate dosage and timeline for that supplement, talk to your primary care provider prior to use, and beware of potential interactions between prescription drugs and multiple supplements. Reading the ingredient list and doing research will help guide your decision and determine if that supplement is the best choice.”

You’re spending a bunch of money on caffeine which is the most popular ingredient in supplements because it’s cheap and it’s almost impossible to sue if you have cardiac arrhythmia or other health problems because it is so ubiquitous and almost everyone gets caffeine in coffee, tea, chocolate, energy drinks, etc.

I don’t know why you would be looking for something to combine with junk. If you find something and it’s sold as a supplements it’s just going to be more junk. If you think about it, there is no easy way to lose fat because if there was the US wouldn’t be the most obese nation in the first world. That’s a no-brainer.

Just get off that crap and start eating right. You’re guaranteed to lose fat as long as you take in fewer calories than you burn. It’s that simple.

Good luck and good health!!

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