is running with a sweat suit more efficiant for weight loss?

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Question by Cody P: is running with a sweat suit more efficiant for weight loss?
i use to run 4 miles regular, is running 4 miles with a sweat suit better?

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Answer by :]
nope its all the same, just run.

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6 Responses to “is running with a sweat suit more efficiant for weight loss?”

  1. Luke writes:

    The only weight you lose is water weight and if anything you are just dehydrating yourself.

  2. Azeri writes:

    No. It just increases your sweating, and the weight loss is just that water loss. It returns as soon as you rehydrate, and furthermore, it’s very unhealthy and can lead to painful muscle cramping. Jockeys do this sort of thing and the long term results are not good at all.

  3. snvffy writes:

    Confuscious, the ancient Chinese philosopher, once said, “Running in sweatsuit above 40 degrees F like man trying to cool off in sauna”. Maybe those weren’t his exact words, but the fact is, there are few discomforts greater than running in a wet sweatsuit. There’s little to gain anyway – dehydrating yourself is more injurious and it provides no additional benefits since you’ll still burn calories and/or fat just simply by running.

    Keep in mind that the body burns glycogen (muscle sugar) for about the first half hour of aerobic exercise. At about this time, the body begins to switch to burning fat as the primary fuel.

    Good Luck

  4. mileyrae_82 writes:

    You would lose weight but it would all be water weight. Also you are not supposed to wear the suit for more than fifteen minutes at a time and I think it would take longer than that to run four miles , so no don’t try it unless you feel like visiting the staff at the local emergency room.

  5. Dr John writes:

    Never take “sweating too much” lightly – in other words, you should take it seriously.

    The “myth” that salt is not good for our health is so misleading in and by itself that it needs more clarification than just “salt is not good.”

    When you wear rubber suit, your body will sweat regardless – whether you do exercise or not.

    And the weight your body sheds because of you wearing rubber suit will come back in when you’re “acting a bit more normal” after performing such “extra-ordinary” feat as wearing a rubber suit.

    So, to use rubber suit as a means to help shedding body weight, you can only achieve very short term result.

    Yet you’re posing another major threat to your body when you think dropping pounds that way is good because you’re indeed losing a lot of much needed minerals from your sweat without knowing it, not to mentioning doing something about it.

    Please see the article below for further understanding of this issue:

  6. Mark D writes:

    It would probably make so insignificant of a difference, that it would not be worth the trouble

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