Is it scientifically proved that coconut oil help in weight loss?

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coconut water weight loss
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Question by shosh272: Is it scientifically proved that coconut oil help in weight loss?
I searched and most websites says yes! But I just want to make sure that it does really work. I’m not looking for fast weight loss solution but a healthier way to live 🙂 and it wouldn’t hurt to lose few pounds!

So is it okay to add 1tbls of coconut oil to milk or warm water? I know I won’t like to eat directly so I will try to cook more with it and drink 1 tbls everyday!

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Answer by Skeptic
According to Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. (esteemed cardiologist from the Cleveland clinic) all forms of refined oil and even olive oil and coconut oil is bad for your health. It adversely impacts your cardiovascular system and adds many calories without much nutrition. While there are many popular diets that work short-term (stressing the addition or elimination of a group of foods), most fail miserably within one year. You seem to be looking for snake oil, and there is no simple remedy.

He recommends ground flax seed (available from health food stores and some grocery stores) for the Omega-3 fatty acids we all need. I take one teaspoon every day. As a vegetarian I take B12 and D3 supplements. My diet is heavy into leafy green vegetables, colored vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and some fruit. I prefer raw over cooked and processed when possible.

I lost 80+ pounds by simply switching to a pure vegetarian diet as recommended by Dr. Neal Barnard. Dr. Dean Ornish is another good source, but he tends to be more lenient on his diet recommendations.

I found that I could lose weight with my standard portions and without extra exercise. It was easy because I feel a lot better when I eat right. Eating junk food and other processed food and convenience foods is the likely cause for the epidemic of obesity in the US.

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One Response to “Is it scientifically proved that coconut oil help in weight loss?”

  1. Jenny writes:

    There is a lot of research on coconut oil and that it is very healthy and healing in many ways. Unlike other oils and saturated fats, is is medium chain and will help weight loss. I’ve read all of Bruce Fife’s books, plus some others about coconut oil. There are a lot of books and also internet sites. My health has improved. Even reading the scientific research, I was hesitant to eat it, fearing I would gain weight. I now use it for butter on my toast. I put it in smoothies. I was already eating a healthy diet, but since I’ve been using coconut oil I am losing weight. I urge you to read and listen to everything available about coconut oil. It has gotten a bad rap for years by being lumped together with all other saturated fats. Besides that, my doctor is a fan of coconut oil.

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