Is it bad to take a metabolism booster if you are 13 years old?

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Question by BrookeBitchh.: Is it bad to take a metabolism booster if you are 13 years old?
is it bad, ? and does it really work.. ?

Best answer:

Answer by werd
at your age, you surely don’t need one. a natural metabolism booster that actually works is hot peppers.

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5 Responses to “Is it bad to take a metabolism booster if you are 13 years old?”

  1. Joe writes:

    Dont do it! Because when you stop growing your metabolism is going to be screwed up so your going to put on alot of weight in the long run!

  2. ♥ brandy writes:

    hey 🙂 im a 13 year old girl too! and i take metabolism booster and they work GREAT! even though i dont need them cause im underweight, but i want to be able to eat what i want and not gain the weight, yano?

    so yeah its totally fine to take them!

  3. no.Dyce writes:

    your body is functioning the way it should be at this age. taking supplements can throw off its natural balance. hot peppers do work like mentioned earlier and so does natural sugars found in fruit just dont over do it..insulin and glucose can backfire if your just cramming your face… 13 and worried about your metabolism i’m taking a wild stab that your worried about your weight.. spend time outside!

  4. flowerytshirt writes:

    Yes. Taking any chemicals like that before your in your mid 20s isn’t good for your system. Nothing like that really works. Here in the UK they legally have to say “as part of a healthy diet and exercise plan” because saying it works on its own is fraudulent – it’s the healthy diet and exercise that does it, not the magic pill!

    You can speed up your own metabolism just by walking fast every day and eating fruit and veg. Your body metabolises fruit and veg faster than anything else. Walking will help you burn up your energy quicker, so your body will look to replace that energy faster, and everything speeds up.

    Put some fast beat music on your mp3 player and get walking! 🙂

  5. melis writes:

    your body is just adapting to a growing and speeding up metabolism, dont interfere your system with any kind of drugs, on the contrary if you start using them your body will get used to it and wont function by himself, just be patient, you will be growing up, no worries, just enjoy your days of teenhood they will never come back.

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