Is it a good idea to go running with saran wrap on your body?

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Question by Kayleen: Is it a good idea to go running with saran wrap on your body?
I have read articles about quick weight loss methods and I was wondering if saran wrap is a good idea since it makes you sweat a lot or is it dangerous? Also what about using preparation H.
Do you have any quick, extreme weight loss ideas?
I meant using preparation H under the saran wrap. I read that it draws out more water.

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Answer by bobby d
neither of those sound like great ideas !

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9 Responses to “Is it a good idea to go running with saran wrap on your body?”

  1. El Numero Uno Cubano Bruno writes:

    Saran wrap will just make you sweat like crazy, so you’ll only temporarily lose some water weight.

    I don’t know what you would do with the Preparation H, but it doesn’t seem smart.

  2. Cherry Blossom writes:

    Quick weight loss = FAILURE.

    Saran wrap? That is ridiculous! All you do is lose water weight, which can cause dehydration, and you will gain it back anyway! The only way to lose weight is to change your lifestyle, eat less calories, and spend more calories! Try

  3. Jessluvsjosh writes:

    i would suggest not running with sirran wrap. only because it makes you sweat alot and will cause dehydration. eat and drink healthy and you will lose weight. cut out carbs and do alot of cardio

  4. snedwards13 writes:

    Would seem to me that the Saran Wrap would block your pores and be VERY dangerous – I don’t recommend that at all. As for the Preparation H, I have no idea what you would even do with that. There is no such thing as HEALTHY quick/extreme weight loss. The best way to go about it is to increase your exercise and watch your diet. Slower weight loss tends to last longer, too. Any weight lost quickly will come back just as quickly. Some foods actually burn more calories than what they provide, so are perfect for dieting (i.e., grapefruit, celery sticks)

  5. Gem writes:

    prep. H??? for weight loss??? uh! i doubt it .. although i have heard that preperation H helps for puffiness under the eyes 🙂 the saran wrap sounds like an ok idea … what can be bad about that? it will make you sweat more around your belly area of wherever you put it .. the only unsafe thing about saran wrap while running is putting it over your head! LOL!

  6. homerliveshere writes:

    Angie if you wrapped that gorgeous body in sarah wrap i’d have you running all around my bedroom 😛

  7. coco writes:

    Quick/ extreme weight loss is dangerous. Running/ working out in saran wrap or trash bags has killed several wrestlers who used it to cut alot of weight quickly. Does it work? Yes, but only until you drink a glass of water, it only rids your body of much needed water, especially in the summer. Never heard oh prep h working. Its better just to eat right and exercise.

  8. TYGEREYEZ_77 writes:

    haha yeah why not? Let me know how it works out for ya 🙂

  9. TheOne writes:

    Running with saran wrap is not a good ideal at all. Have no idea what prep. H can do. You can google for body wrap in your local area. You can loose inches within 2-3hours under professional supervision. You have to drink lot of water during the exercises though. What they will do is measure you first, ask for your problem area, then cloth wrap you, then pour mineral liquid on you then ask you to either do stair stepper or treadmill or elliptical exercises. When your cloth dried, they pour some more mineral liquid on you….once done, they measure you again and tell you how many inches you lost totally. Remember those inches lost only due to water, you have to get on a diet and exercises plan to maintain it.

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