is a low low carb and high protein diet good for weight loss and getting a flatter stomach?

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Question by : is a low low carb and high protein diet good for weight loss and getting a flatter stomach?
For example in a typical day I would have egg whites or yogurt for breakfast, salad with chicken or fish for lunch, and vegetables with fish or chicken for dinner, and for snacks lots of fruits and almonds and stuff. Would this be good for weight loss and getting a smaller flat stomach?

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Answer by Serene E

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3 Responses to “is a low low carb and high protein diet good for weight loss and getting a flatter stomach?”

  1. lobsfm writes:

    well a diet generally consists of 3 categories… protein, carbs, fat
    what you want is a fat loss diet so calorie deficit diet…
    something along the lines of 40% protein, 25% carbs, 35% fat…

    good sources of carbs: brown rice and oats
    protein – fish, steak, chicken
    fat – almonds, fishoil

    i think the trick to losing and getting a flatter stomach is to increase that metabolism and eating the 6-7 meals a day…

    cheap trick – green tea

  2. Mel-Belle writes:

    No. Do not listen to anyone that says yes, because clearly they do not have a clue about the science behind weight loss. If you cut ANY macronutrient too much you will only lose water weight, which is easily gained back. You will be in a continuous cycle wondering why it works for a little, stops being effective, and you gain the weight back.

    If you want more information on precisely why it’s not good for you, check out the link in the sources.

    If you want to lose weight effectively and permanently, you must decrease your overall caloric intake NOT specific nutrients. It’s silly that society gets us thinking certain nutrients are “good” or “bad”. People don’t gain weight specifically from carbs or fat… Or protein, either. How people gain weight is by eating too much (going over the daily limit) and too processed (as in not whole foods; packaged products). If you cut your portions you will lose weight, but you must also exercise or you will not get the results you’re looking for.

    Also be wary that to much protein can cause liver problems. It’s important for rebuilding muscle, but there is such thing as too much of a good thing.

  3. Pansy Nixon writes:

    High protein low carb foods, simply put are foods that have a lot of protein in them but have very little carbohydrates.

    It is important to have the right balance of these two macronutrients in order to be able to lose excess fat and build up your muscle mass.

    Let us take a look at protein first of all.

    You probably associate building up muscle with a diet that contains a high amount of protein.

    This is because protein is essential in being able to repair the ripped tissue of the muscles after you have put your body through its paces.

    The muscles tissue is mostly made up of protein and so it needs us to put protein into our bodies (through our diet as the human body cannot actually produce protein) so that it can heal.

    Carbohydrates are also very important for keeping the body going as they provide the body with energy.

    There are two types of carbs, simple carbs and complex carbs.

    Simple carbs will give you a quick boost of energy that does not last very long.

    Complex carbs on the other hand will help to make you feel fuller for longer (which stops you snacking between meals) and releases the energy more slowly meaning that you get a steady supply of energy throughout the day.

    Now, you may have heard about GI but don’t have a clue what it all means.

    GI stands for Glycaemia Index which is basically a list of foods with different levels of carbohydrates in them.

    If the foods have a high score (it goes up to 100) then they are simple carbs which will only give you that quick boost.

    The carbs at the lower end of the index (hence the term low carbs) are complex carbs and so these are the ones that you should be aiming to include in your diet.

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