How to Speed Up Your Metabolism

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Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from carlo_scialla and more videos in the Weight Loss category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at Burn more calories without even trying with these metabolism boosters. To complete this How-To you will need: Cold showers Lean protein Complex carbohydrates Short bursts of aerobic exercise Weight lifting Fidgeting Breakfast Red chili pepper Black pepper Ginger Step 1: Take cold showers Give yourself occasional blasts of cold water when you shower; it improves circulation, according to research, which can in turn speed up metabolism. Step 2: Don’t skip meals Don’t go longer than five hours without eating, except when you’re sleeping. Skipping meals slows down metabolism. Tip: Always eat breakfast to kick-start your metabolism in the morning. Step 3: Eat lean protein Eat lean protein, like skinless chicken or egg whites, at every meal, and aim to make lean protein 30 percent of your daily food intake. A Dutch study found that people who did increased their metabolism all day long, even while they slept! Step 4: Choose the right carbs Choose complex carbohydrates, whole-wheat bread instead of white, and steel-cut oatmeal rather than sugary cereals. They boost metabolism because they are harder to digest than refined carbs are. Tip

follow me on twitter: how to burn calories faster: – drink a lot of COLD water. Your body has to raise your metabolism to burn extra calories to warm up the Ice cold water you drink! -the more intense you workout, the more calories you will lose after your workout. Yes, AFTER, your workout. The harder you workout, the more calories you will lose during and after.:D -go to my fat losing tips, and watch about the foods that will raise and lower your metabolism, and take those tips into account. -exercise when you wake up because: it gives you a longer lasting after workout effect. plus if you have a hectic schedule, isn’t it best for you to get it out of the way in the morning anyway? -post morning workout, eat breakfast, because those muscles you worked need energy; food=energy. plus you will burn more calories by eating breakfast because it wakes up your metabolism after sleeping. Also studies show that if you eat breakfast, you won’t overeat for the rest of the day! -do strength training! because the more muscle you have the more calories you burn, because: 1 pound of muscle burns 5-to-14 calories a day, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn! plus you will look nice and tone:D -if you come across a sauna, go in it! being very hot is thought to boost metabolism by about 20 percent! -eat little and often! because it stops you from over eating, and it is proven to make your metabolism sky rocket!

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50 Responses to “How to Speed Up Your Metabolism”

  1. wyciskTV writes:

    Most Howcast is not that good, but this is very valuable information and I highly recommend using these tips!

  2. reillylovesspirit writes:

    @ISketchLoop oh oops thats what i mean 😛

  3. momolove69 writes:

    I fidget and I’m fat. 😐

  4. heatedfrost writes:

    yeah pretty sure breakfast is more important than pepper

  5. ISketchLoop writes:

    @reillylovesspirit Now it doesnt metabolism means you can get rid of fat quicker then people. So if you have a high metabolism like me, then you’ll be skinny :3

  6. reillylovesspirit writes:

    i have really low metasalisum what means im super skinny

  7. Boston3251 writes:

    here’s my secret. i hate working out so i do it without thinking. in pack alot of stuff in my back pack and purse. i also take the bus but i get off the stop before mine so i walk about about 2 streets home everyday. I dont have gym so i play with my dog outside, that way i can have fun and burn fat all at once. hope this helps!

  8. Chazbc writes:

    When they said 15% I thought of Geico; Television has brainwashed me.

  9. ilovegymnastics2398 writes:

    huh, shes acutally prettty..

  10. jonernest1 writes:

    @blueC0MET LOL i said the EXACT same thing

  11. NEXYIA writes:

    well i got a tip. i dont really exercise exeptgo to school and walk from class to class. sit down and eat while i play my ps3 cuz its better than any other system(fact proven) eat some more until im full then eat 5 minutes later. you all want to know my secret. my body has a natural fast motablism. maybe you should just go to the miror and yell at your body, maybe even threatin it to make its motablism faster. lol

  12. punaniswabber writes:


  13. 22xx22xx22xx writes:


  14. charlieslilyflower writes:

    @newmetalnow Nice! i am a girl who likes the weight room, so i have some muscle on me. it burns off what i eat and makes me feel strong and gives me confidence

  15. xXLushxLiliaXx writes:

    Lol it says optional breakfast but then it says NEVER skip breakfast xD

  16. blueC0MET writes:

    “You will need: cold showe–”
    I’m out

  17. tmtpuppylove writes:

    @tuesday79 haha same here 🙂

  18. tuesday79 writes:

    @tmtpuppylove Great! Nice fact! I sneze atleast 8 times in a row a day so that’s… 56 calories burnt!

  19. 0dragonice0 writes:

    I guess I’ll start fidgeting more.

  20. tmtpuppylove writes:

    u lose 7 calories everytime u sneeze it’s a known fact!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. GhanaiianChickStarh writes:

    I know right same as me, no worries me. We can eat as much as we want.

  22. newmetalnow writes:

    My metabolism is monster. I feed only twice or three times a day and when I feed, i eat lots of food with lots of calories with no worries. I don’t practice any kind of physical exercise and i’m still slim as a stick.

  23. ilovethemall5 writes:

    awww but i dont like cold showers boo hoo

  24. NikeThe writes:

    everytime i fidget my girlfriend has sex wih me

  25. StrawberryPerfect writes:

    @ThaBestThing17 Nobody said the girl had to be fat, this is a video teaching you how to speed up your metabolism !

  26. cmcnish92 writes:

    u remind me so much of lily of off “how i met your mother” just the jersey version lol lol either way KEEP IT UP!!

  27. Nitepup writes:

    oh how cute at 1:50 when she says ‘food gives energy” & then puts fingers together. Love you! Please keep making vids plz.! u r so so cute! ; )

  28. LilMissAnn7 writes:

    That was the best and quickest video and most helpful video that ive seen all day thank you! Much love!

  29. Missnewyorkstyle writes:

    @lizsy775 nope, NY:)

  30. lizsy775 writes:

    are you from jersey ? =)

  31. bigstick59 writes:

    Clean up your room young lady!!

  32. TheCrosswind writes:

    cold water slows and interferes with digestion (not good) most people already have digestion problems

  33. jimbang writes:

    What she says is true these are some of the turn on switch to incresing the metabolism

  34. MyThoughtsIhave writes:


  35. yohnnyable writes:

    damn she is hot

  36. Missnewyorkstyle writes:

    @tierney2cool4u haha, thank you!

  37. tierney2cool4u writes:

    ohh my gosh!!! u r so energetic and hyper!!! and i thought i was bad!!! u make me want to take a nap!!! hehe 🙂
    btw energy is a good thing

  38. missjoanna95 writes:

    @missnewyorkstyle Thanks so much for the help! 😀 hope this’ll work!

  39. Missnewyorkstyle writes:

    @missjoanna95 get AT LEAST 30 mins of jogging a day.Eat foods that speed up your metabolism- like grapefruit(and others mentioned in this video).
    Have 3 meals a day, breakfast: consisting of fruit and some type of protein for energy, like a hard boiled egg. lunch: a salad or something consisting of a lot of veggies. Dinner: a SMALL portion of meat, and the rest veggies. You should eat carbs, in moderation. All whole wheat, and don’t eat bread everyday.
    If this doesn’t work out, see dietitian

  40. missjoanna95 writes:

    @missnewyorkstyle Cardio mostly. 45 minutes of spinning 3 times a week, and then jogging for about 20-30 minutes 2 times a week. And then like 50 sit ups every day.

  41. Missnewyorkstyle writes:

    @missjoanna95 ?Kk, and when you were working out 5 times a week, how long, and what kind of a work out was it (like aerobic or strength training)?

  42. missjoanna95 writes:

    @Missnewyorkstyle I was eating only good foods and crispbread in stead of bread. vegetables and lots of fruits. No pasta or potatoes. Only ”good” meat, and fish for dinner. And ive been drinking lots of water everyday.

  43. Missnewyorkstyle writes:

    @missjoanna95 When you have limited your diet to 1200, what kind of foods were you eating?

  44. gaderringer writes:

    she knows what shes talking about

  45. missjoanna95 writes:


  46. dorrismorrisnomnom writes:

    also taking really cold baths is a very effective way of burning calories because your body has to warm its self up but it has nothing to do with metabolisim…

  47. chestnutskn writes:

    This s—t she said isn’t science and does’nt make any sense whatsoever,about cold water.Only the exercise parts is proven which i already heard from professional nutritionist

  48. chestnutskn writes:

    This s—t she said isn’t science and does’nt make any sense whatsoever,about cold water.Only the exercise parts is proven which i already heard from professional nutritionist

  49. preepypurpleprincess writes:

    love the accent

  50. maggersable writes:

    gracias por el tip..lo voy a le entendi e!

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