How to Lose Weight with Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan- Eat Stop Eat

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25 Responses to “How to Lose Weight with Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan- Eat Stop Eat”

  1. bdubbnm writes:

    this is a very helpful video, thank you

  2. tony3078 writes:

    The more advisable only take liquids without calories like water, tea or cofee without sugar.

  3. M13Hitman writes:

    how about small amount of fruit during fasting?

  4. MrRozebud writes:

    Update – well, 5 months in and I’ve lost 15 lbs, which feels like the halfway point for where I want to get to . Not the mega results that other people seem to be getting but I’m very pleased so far! And all this while still eating the junk food I so like to tuck into…if I’d stuck to eating nuts and berries I’m sure I’d of lost a lot more – but then I doubt that I would have been able to hack it! That said, the more I lose the more motivated to eat healthily and exercise I’m feeling.

  5. David Crandall writes:

    If you don’t eat anything at all it will force your body to go to it’s fat stores – around your abs, (instead the vegetables you ate) for it’s energy

  6. Marcus Diaz writes:

    Did he just say “Paramedics”. Really??? Ok I’m convinced. I’m a Paramedic.

  7. Only the best writes:

    Wow. Nice clip.

    My older brother was formerly an obese gent. He improved himself from 283 lbs of pure fat to 201 lbs of genuine muscle mass. We think it is unbelievable! I just signed up personally as I’m seeking to get enormous muscle mass. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)…

  8. WeightLoss Pill writes:

    cool video!

  9. bristay1 writes:

    fuck the doctor ! look up lowcarb cory ..he has a video entitle “ why cant i sleep after 36 hr fast?” or something along those lines.

  10. emurrell17 writes:

    same thing happens to me

  11. tony3078 writes:

    I think it’s best consulting with your doctor to rule out major problems.

  12. tony3078 writes:

    I don’t Know Anything about this.

  13. Shimon Maman writes:

    very good video i look forword to try that

  14. rusanna00 writes:

    One thing is always bother me when I fast. Please help me find the answer. I have no problem to fast but each time I feel so hyper that I can’t sleep. I feel like I can run marathon at midnight. I tried sleeping pills but it not much help. Why is it happening?
    Thank you

  15. Shawn Afshar writes:

    8pm-2pm fast

    2-8 pm eat 6 hour feeding

    6 hour window  will work?

  16. Michael M writes:

    Great! Start loosing weight NOW with POUNDALE.COM. You’d be glad you did!

  17. tony3078 writes:

    Better fast, it’s the program advice.

  18. tony3078 writes:

    Both ways are Ok, remember that you last food must be light.

  19. MrRozebud writes:

    Very interesting, many thanks for posting! So on a whim (and after some Googling last night) I’ve started fasting today and have a question – if I had my last meal yesterday evening at 6:30pm does that mean that I’ll be good to start eating again tonight, or for best results should I keep fasting until tomorrow morning?

  20. Jane Rogers writes:

    Hi, we have a FB group, The Eat, Fast Club, 5:2 diet. Free to join and very useful.

  21. Jane Rogers writes:

    Hi, we have a FB group calledThe Eat, Fast Club: 5 2 diet which is free for you all.

  22. 6996eden writes:

    Hi. I want to start the diet actually, but some people have told me that could cause some problems(like gastric ulcer..) if you do it long enough; But, what if I’ll eat only vegetables instead of totally fast? (not things like potatoes or corn though..) Will that be useful as a diet?

  23. 6996eden writes:

    How about eating only vegetables during the fast day (not potatoes or corn or things like that..)?

  24. Lance Burger writes:

    Great stuff! Been doing the 20 hour fast with the 4 hour window, but now I am convinced to throw in the 24 hour fast a few days a week!

  25. Brian Nielson writes:

    Keep spreading the word, brother! I sub’d and liked. I’ve been intermittent fasting for a little over five weeks now, and I train at the end of my fast. I’ve only posted three videos so far, but I’m going to try to keep posting regularly. I’d love to have you in my YouTube family for motivation and support. Keep training!

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