How To Lose Weight Using Protein Shakes

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40 Responses to “How To Lose Weight Using Protein Shakes”

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  16. PsycheTruth writes:

    Corrina Rachel shows you the BEST and WORST weight loss shakes and protein

    We know you are busy…are you trying to make weight loss easier and more

    Which weight loss and protein drinks WORK and which are making you GAIN?
    (Sneaky manufacturers with their sugars and added chemicals…)

  17. Corey Smith writes:

    how can I get a date?

  18. bertlee20 writes:

    Muscle Milk taste horrible. And Corrian looks amazing. Love the blue dress.

  19. MissyP80 writes:

    Hi Corrina, I’m thankful for this vid, in the past I have tried a couple of
    those shakes with no success at all. I’m curious what your thoughts on
    Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Keytones, Green Coffee Bean and Cayenne Pepper
    Extract? They are all mentioned on Dr Oz and other shows such as The
    Doctors and a lot of people seem to have success with one or all when used
    as a supplement. Are there any professionals (Dr’s) around you that could
    weigh in? Thanks!! :)

  20. Joseph1NJ writes:

    Love these “what’s in the bag” videos; calling out this food like “stuff”
    (refraining from the word I’d like to use) for what it really is. Nice work
    CR, and very well produced Mike.

    Too bad I can only give one like…

  21. ekko12345 writes:

    Corrina Rachel opened my third eye when it comes to a healthy diet. Thanks
    so much!

  22. NerdyTalk101 writes:

    How bad is guar gum, xanthan gum, carrageenan you see in “healthier”
    alternative products? Plus what is wrong with cane syrup? In a lot of
    health products they have organic cane syrup I guess to make it sweeter. 

  23. Oz M. writes:

    Sexy, smart, beautiful, those three are just the recipe for the type of
    woman you are. I watch only cause you. 

  24. nog_stache writes:

    question about caffeine: it doesn’t have any impact on me in terms of
    ‘alertness’ or ‘wakefulness’, I could drink coffee and go right to bed.
    Because it doesn’t have this impact on me, does it also not have the
    negative adrenal effect? Or am I still getting that

  25. Grim Reaper writes:

    Best thing for loosing weight would be balanced diet and physical
    activity.All those products are just company tools for gullible people that
    think drinking any off these drinks will make them lose weight.

  26. bacon writes:

    Is there another contest coming up this week? I heard its through Pinterest
    but what exactly am I supposed to pin to win? And how many should I pin? 

  27. Reanna Barnard writes:

    I have tried the Wal-Mart brand of Slim Fast and did the meal replacement
    as it recommends on the drink its’ self and lost 10lbs in two weeks. Going
    from 150lbs to 140lbs. I was drinking one in the morning with a granola bar
    and one during lunch time with a fruit snack and then in the evening a
    healthily homemade dinner. I did have some ‘exercise’ since at the time I
    was working at Wal-Mart in the Gardening Center.

    I have also tried Herbalife and do not recommend it at all. I actually
    gained weight with this brand of ‘weight loss/weight management’ meal
    replacement. Herbalife tea’s are tasty and gave me plenty of energy but the
    shakes got old quick compared to the store brand Slim Fasts I was doing

    In the end, a healthy diet, exercise, and being stress free as possible is
    the better choice when trying to lose weight.

  28. Ryan Rosenzweig writes:

    I’d love a 1 on 1 conversation as a prize with you! 

  29. jill dasilva writes:

    All these “diet” drinks are full of crap and should be avoided.
    Eat REAL food to loose weight,there is no magic method.Eating healthy good
    real food and moderate exercise are the key.ANYONE can do it! I make my own
    protein shake,using 1% milk,low fat yogurt and berries

  30. OneTallman writes:

    I always knew muscle milk was crap.another reason why the cost of it is so
    cheap. great review Corrina

  31. fitnesslove100 writes:

    can you please do a video on just protein powders please!!!!

  32. Bill Baran writes:

    Books are always good prizes – just offer the Kindle version too! :)

  33. Rjames Elliott writes:

    great job as always

  34. Sesshounamaru writes:

    I have a friend who insist me to take HerbaLife, any of you people had
    tried? What are your opinions on it?

  35. pinoyislander23 writes:

    hey corrina would you recommend agave syrup?

  36. Alex Jones writes:

    Buy Tangy Tangerine! 

  37. batfly writes:

    7:50 Soy = Horrible!
    Sally Fallon- Soy Foods watch?v=fdv7k1E_DCo

  38. jenferlyn84 writes:

    Slimfast is junk!

  39. WhimsyKitten writes:

    Can you do a video about special K bc it is really super bad marketing how
    they make their products 

  40. ApplesThatRead writes:

    Never heard of the shakes, but I heard the atkins diet was absolutely gross
    and based in eating almost exclusively meat. Ew.

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