How to Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting – 3 Simple Tips

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25 Responses to “How to Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting – 3 Simple Tips”

  1. SupremeMystique writes:

    Get some empirical evidence before rambling nonsense

  2. sonia sharma writes:

    I have cholestrol problem what kind of diet I should have,but my weight is
    nt much,its almost ok but I wnt to loose that little extra weight I have
    put on n to bcm lean

  3. zaazi123 writes:

    thanks for the video :)

  4. hainto thez writes:

    Here Is a tip for people to loose weight…STOP EATING SO MUCH AND


  5. ryuzakilawlight writes:

    As a person,who has been dealing not only whith tips here and there but
    also whith sciece and tests on different subjects,the only things I can say
    is that these tips work for you if you do them right.But there is also a
    LOT of uneven and untrue information.Please dear lady,do some research
    especially on the carbs and callories.

  6. Emica Wong writes:

    Hi, how do you calculate the calories of the meal you eat? I struggle to
    estimate the calories in food or meals when I eat out such as nasilemak,
    noodles etc. Thanks!

  7. alexia hamer writes:

    yes this is so true what she say,s ,it real works , grate thank u

  8. aira dayao writes:

    Omg thank you soooo much for that tips :*

  9. Jai Mitchell writes:

    Skip Junkl food, unhealthy foods are processed meals that contains empty
    calories. To fully benefit from the sweetie diet, give up eating unhealthy

  10. evie4evryoung writes:

    Such a cute accent! >.<

  11. TrueBros writes:

    For “fat” people that think if they can lose weight by eating nothing,
    thats the stupid thing to do,you will just gain weight.

  12. leilani baides writes:

    There is a video by xhit daily and you loose 1,000,000 calories and it is
    really true.

  13. Joy Capwell writes:

    Great! I will try it :)

  14. 장성기 writes:

    try TR90 from nuskin. its the best…

  15. Lucianna Di Angello writes:

    To stabilize your blood sugar level too

  16. JCL JCL writes:

    People come on, just eat less and do exercises! All that other protein
    diet, vegetarian, vegan all that are just 100% pure bullshit. Just balance
    the calorie intake and avoid unnatural foods (food that you can’t find in
    nature -> deep fried mars bars, fish n chip, and McD’s you know what I
    mean) and do some exercises like 30min to 1hr a day then you will be sweet.
    Good video by the way :)

  17. Marcel Rusk writes:

    Can you make a eating plan ?

  18. justyna kubach writes:

    thank you

  19. Slears writes:

    the very best any imho a very simple way is just not eating Carbohydrates
    after 6pm. Even better just drink Water after 6pm. I lost 13 Kilos in 2

  20. Yvonne Lange writes:

    Thanks Joanna for that video. Verry interesting is that I learnt much
    different messages during a health training with a nutrition expert. As in
    your explanations she also told us how important it is to keep the blood
    sugar level steady. But her opinion is that someone should only eat 3 to 4
    meals per day. And this because of the pancreas. If you eat always too many
    meals, the pancreas has to produce insulin much more times than the
    pancreas was original constructed for. Due to the over performance the
    pancreas may stop insulin secretion after e.g. 10 to 15 years and diabetes
    type II will occur. Furthermore we were told that you can support the
    metabolism very much if you choose an adequate composition of food for
    breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the night the carb storage is emptied
    and therefore the breakfast should fill this storage again with complex
    carbs. Complex carbs because of the fact that you should stay full until
    lunch. And to boost the metabolism for the night you should normally not
    have carbs for dinner. Much better is a meal full of protein. You should
    also stay away from raw food as it causes to much trouble to being digested
    during the night.
    So, I hope you could follow my explanations as I am not a native speaker
    and that matter is quite difficult to explain :-).
    I am very interested in you opinion…

  21. Hiromi Duran writes:

    To all the people who keep saying that she IS talking about dieting, you’re
    completely wrong. She’s explaining to you the right way human beings should
    eat. Dieting is a whole different story. If you think that what she’s
    saying is just too much for you and you can’t accept the fact that that’s
    how you’re supposed to eat, I suggest you to go to your local nutritionist
    and ask what the word diet means. It’s not dieting, it’s a lifestyle.

  22. MsSpark111 writes:

    Are u half french? Cuz u sound like that 😀 🙂 very informative! Thanks!

  23. Julieaism writes:

    And how big were you at your largest? Were you ever overweight?

  24. Joanna Soh writes:

    of course!

  25. Joanna Soh writes:

    Hi Vanessa, losing weight is 80% nutrition. If you eat less than your body
    burns, you will be looking at losing between 1-2lbs per week. =)

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