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25 Responses to “How To Lose Weight Fast – Weight Loss Pills – Alli Diet Pills Reviewed – Appetite Suppressant”

  1. jornic2 writes:

    Alli is actually a awsome diet pill its the first diet pill on the market that is approved …ive lost alot of weight in a three month span on that pill I lost 32pds I was active at the gym twice daily for body combat classes now what I liked bout the pill is when u do slip up n eat a fatty food yes it makes u release that fatty food asap thats why u drop the weight it dont store the fat at all now if u eat fatty food n go in public then u may have a accident but it never gave me bad accident

  2. robert10056651 writes:

    Does it work if I sniff it

  3. TheFluffyGamer101 writes:

    can any one like say 14 take thermolene without any side-effects?

  4. kfarris1977 writes:


  5. cooldude7901 writes:

    is this safe for any1 under 18?

  6. dazza1996ful writes:

    I’m kinda fat and live in the u.k what should I do I’m 16 please tell me where I can get these. Thanks in Advanced.

  7. ComplexComedian18 writes:

    This is great it transformed the way I feel for the better! My family is so proud of me!

  8. sandycaballero14 writes:

    Dose walgreen sell thermaleen

  9. MarroquinmMel08 writes:

    How much weight can you lose in a week with this product ?

  10. luigifnbad writes:

    Great video thanks you helped a lot 🙂

  11. nihao1515 writes:

    he is saying alli wrong

  12. Vichai Xiong writes:

    hey there i was jus wondering if at the age of 18 can u use it too

  13. loseweightsheffield1 writes:

    Great video, really enjoyed your perspective

  14. loseweightsheffield1 writes:

    Great video although personally I prefer to avoid supliments and just eat a balanced diet but that approach isn’t for everyone. I’m not trying to bulk up or anything like that

  15. NY Chic writes:

    where did u buy thermolene?

  16. 2125815 writes:

    it not Ali its ALLI

  17. mexdude07 writes:

    * thermolene

  18. j4cQu3liiNe writes:

    Please someone be so kind to tell me where can I buy thermolene pills? Thank you

  19. ExotiiqueBeautiii writes:

    AL-EYE!!!!!! not A-LEE!!

  20. DJTwirlzMixes writes:

    any side effects to thermolene ?

  21. talhotbrunnette123 writes:

    Whos the idiot that thought that pill was a meal replacement -.-

  22. MakeItJungle writes:

    One of these pills seems to have made this guy forget his left from his right.

  23. buyregeneslim writes:

    Great video. Keep them coming
    Happy holidays

  24. d0llie123 writes:

    buy online from! Use code KOY923 for $5.00 off your first purchase! 🙂

  25. MrEstablished97 writes:

    Dude what would be the best pill for a 14 year old kid to lose weight ?

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