How to (lose weight) fast (I lost 30 pounds)

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25 Responses to “How to (lose weight) fast (I lost 30 pounds)”

  1. Mohith207 writes:

    I am really not positive that it’s the ideal meal plan plan for everyone, however DietOramy eating plan undoubtedly allows my dad burn all of that extra fat in the body. There is ample free information on the net about it, just use Google…

  2. slamlove2003 writes:

    My associate has been consuming DietOramy diet (encountered on Google) for around one or two months now and she already lost most of her physique fat now – I’m trying to talk her into fitness, but she is just loyal to her DietOramy…

  3. vpaintballer99 writes:

    this shit inspired me to lose weight i weigh 185

  4. michcrawford13 writes:

    The 6Lbs I lost was in my first week. Just wanted to clear that up.

  5. flintrose9 writes:

    Very Good Video…I lost almost 6lbs with the program below…

  6. BettyNegro1936 writes:

    Great Video but I need something a lot less expensive that works. After a lot of research I think I found the answer here. -→ LOSE10LBSQUICK (DOT) INFO ←–

  7. BillTheTrainer writes:

    Anyone struggling with their weight needs to read the new book by Sean Croxton. I’m a personal trainer and even I learned things from it. It’s really an eye opener!

    Step 1: Go to FatLossDarkSide. com

    Step 2: Read the guide and actually FOLLOW IT!

    If you do that, then really, there’s no way you wouldn’t get results. The info is all there, the rest is pretty much up to you.

    Alright, that’s my recommendation and good deed for the day ;)

  8. AitebaarS writes:

    @buckwheat40 Hey 🙂 I used to weigh 220 pounds at 5’3″. I couldn’t do pushups or even run a mile-without being out of breath or creating stress on my knees. But then, I just started walking. Eventually, I was able to run. Now I’m 170 and trying to lose 30 more pounds. Your body will get stronger and build more stamina. Just keep your head up.

  9. buckwheat40 writes:

    i want to run to lose weight but i’m 230 pounds and dont want to put stress on my knees

  10. barrer1234 writes:

    Wow i was running and eating small portion but it didnt seen to work so i stop……..but i just watch your video and tomorrow am start running again…….how long does it take to start seeing results

  11. Thiggyhiggy writes:

    how much weight do you think i can loose in 2months’
    if i walk an hour a day, do cardio for 20 mins a day
    and go on a fruit andd veggie diet with plenty of water, and maybe chiken onece or twice a week
    btw im 15 this year

  12. leostar18 writes:

    Thank you sir. Inspiration indeed. Marathon here I come!!!

  13. AdrianaCoytTorres writes:

    You inspired me to lose weight

  14. 111NoOne111 writes:

    @harrisdevan u could not leave a fucking link, huh?

  15. CaliforniaInMyMind writes:

    @SiegphylPanots12 Happy to hear you are seeing the good results too! I actually started losing weight after about 2weeks of performing the suggested diet methods in the site WeightLossAction.Info.. Try it! 🙂

  16. mountnbikes15 writes:

    hello there everyone, has anyone here tested out Gallactico 324 Diet (search on google) ?My father lost a lot of excess fat using Gallactico 324 Diet within weeks?

  17. 4sslazy writes:

    @abideme77 Hey don’t let bad comments pull you down. I know that you can do it. I feel the same years ago, until I found the best solution for me. The site is WeightLossAction.Info I’m can’t believe how effective it is, in just few weeks I already lose weight.

  18. JamesBlack1506 writes:

    The best way to lose weight fast. Check this out:
    tinyurl (dot) com/bestdietsolutionprogramever

  19. ben191209 writes:

    Thank you sir. You have inspired me so much. I will lose 30 pounds by Next School year. PS at 3:40 is that a bullet hole in the “caution pedestrian” sign?

  20. kibe925 writes:

    visit my channel and visit the sites if you want to lose weight

  21. stoppre88 writes:

    haha, hit me up if you ever wanna go for a 10 mile run.

  22. TheEmpresscoco writes:

    Thank you .. thank you sooo much .. this video was God sent ..

  23. TheEmpresscoco writes:

    Thank you .. thank you sooo much .. this video was God sent ..

  24. dee468 writes:

    God bless you man. This is such a great video.

  25. jjbronk writes:

    goodbyeweight , tk


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