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PLEASE READ❤❤❤ recipe 4 cups of red lentils, 3 table spoons of all-purpose seasoning, a half table spoon of garlic salt, 1 tea spoon of salt, 1 tsp black …

Hope the videos I did were helpfully. I’ll post the recipe in a new video. Thanks for watching!
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  1. PT Sherm writes:


  2. Jamie Bumanlag writes:
  3. Sue Shancha writes:

    @MeekaJael Good suggestion. I was telling my husband about this. And we’re
    definitely gonna try and make it this weekend. I really like that it is
    customizable. Thanks again and take care.

  4. TitanGeneral writes:

    lol fry that chicken…some recipe video’s would be really cool. can’t wait.

  5. Juvaun Ivauno writes:

    @kiminiski yes u can, vauno.

  6. Sassy Sherry writes:

    hi.. was wondering where you buy that irie all purpose spice from please?

  7. 1krzypraz writes:

    Looks good girl, we need some recipes….LOL

  8. oooDONNAooo writes:

    @WeAllHavePain1 Try Redmond’s “Real Salt”. It contains 60 trace minerals
    and is actually good for you! It is not like regular table-salt. Real Salt
    comes from ancient underground sea-beds in Utah. I just discovered this
    salt a few months ago and I’m sold on it! Real Salt tastes great! You can
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  9. beyound blue writes:

    Does it have to be red lentils to lose weight because my store doesn’t
    carry the red lentils just the brown lookin ones

  10. tellme19860123 writes:

    Do I have to use Irie? CAN i use any other seasoning salt?

  11. MsMahoganyQueen writes:

    @TrueCityGirl how is/has the soup diet gone for you? I’m waiting on my Irie
    to come in the mail to make it, but I love the idea of adding the ground
    turkey and spinach! What have you noticed since you began?

  12. realqueenaisha writes:

    @cocolish07 you difinitely can do it in a slow cooker.

  13. absolutblue writes:

    how many calories are there in 1 cup of cooked lentils?

  14. sistersoulsister writes:

    Lovin’ the chicken song!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Juvaun Ivauno writes:

    @WeAllHavePain1 dont want to explain…but i’ll say this…using less salt
    is better…in fact i do this with split peas and don’t use any salt at
    all…less salt the better…but it works. vauno,

  16. kisheababy writes:

    im a new subscriber and i love you guys already .! .this is the life every
    healthy family should live .! .ive been watching you guys channel for hours

  17. WeAllHavePain1 writes:

    This sounds Gd but seems like there’s much soduim in it I know U want
    things taste Good but Why add salt when in beginning your putting All
    Purpose seasoning stuff plus hot sauce stuff garlicsalt@end that Salt for
    somebody w/High Blood Pressure so fourht how does this help to lose weight
    when no exercising just asking b/c Im tryn to lose more weight&not have
    Blood pressure problems b/c U can be small w/Blood Pressure Sodium isnt

  18. Juvaun Ivauno writes:

    @artistnme4life thank you…but really this is the ultimate weight loss
    tool…like i’ve seen it with my own eyes…6 pounda a week and more by
    just eating the soup…try it sister whenever u get the chance

  19. LaShawna Brown writes:

    mmmmmm that food looked hella good! macaroni pie!! FRY DAT CHICKEN! lol

  20. Juvaun Ivauno writes:

    @MrsShancha very good idea, never thought of that.

  21. Juvaun Ivauno writes:

    @csbabygurlc lol thank you, i need to appreciate it more 🙂

  22. realqueenaisha writes:

    @MzsJ1 Ohh he will, he’s working on them every couple days so you should
    see some amazing recipes coming.

  23. sportyqt1415 writes:

    can you put the soup recipe in the description box plz plz plz… i tryed
    to wright it down myself but i couldnt

  24. Lashunda Teague writes:

    Can U use different lentils? They don’t sell red lentils were I’m

  25. Juvaun Ivauno writes:

    @MrsShancha yes you definitely can…just easy on the little noodles if it
    has any…or you could even just take some out and just add the
    seasoning…if theres noodles in it. vauno,

  26. smoothswinga writes:

    Hi your so pretty I love you. 🙂

  27. ITSBRUNO1 writes:

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    8AAMX14l sorry I had to space this out because of the tyranny of google

  28. maharani padusi writes:

    i lose it 7 lbs so far on 10 days cabage diet..and keep trying…:)

  29. llux3 writes:

    Wow 7 lbs that’s great! It takes a lot of dedication.

  30. meenuya jrocks writes:

    your the best and you rock keep rockin

  31. ITSBRUNO1 writes:

    Day 6 of the diet 10 pounds down, I started this because me and a friend
    had a week long “party” and ate alot of bad foods being as weight conscious
    as I am I quickly wanted to loose the weight and more along with it. I plan
    to go to 11 days, I am 5:10 I started at 142 pounds and am down to 132, the
    key for me was adding celery and eating alot of raw celery which is a
    negative calorie food along with PLENTY of water I’ll add where I found my
    version of the diet in the next post

  32. ITSBRUNO1 writes:

    be fore warned this diet takes alot of willpower you might find yourself
    thinking about all the food you really want to eat, use willpower if you
    want to loose weight you have to focus on it, it’s nice to start with a
    friend or have a supporter who will tell you put down the doughnut. This
    diet also cleanses all the preservatives and bad sugars out of you, so work
    hard to keep them out after, don’t ruin hard work, GOOD LUCK

  33. llux3 writes:

    Thank u! So are u just saw ur video…. And subed 😀

  34. IloveJC30 writes:

    I love your advice , it’s not what u do on the diet but what u do after!
    Any “diet” works but if you’re not ready to transition into a new
    lifestyle, you’re waisting your time! 🙂

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  36. llux3 writes:

    That’s really good information.. It takes a lot of dedication to do this
    diet but it would help quite a bit if ur doing it with a partner or
    friends…. —itsbruno1

  37. Inthuya Jeyaseelan writes:

    Can’t wait till your makeup videos <3 you :p muhahhaha and plz keep doing
    this don't stop :p

  38. anikkia21 writes:

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    success lets motivate each other subscribe back?

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