How To Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

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metabolism boosting
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How To Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

If you want to boost your metabolism you can do so naturally, without taking dangerous or suspect chemicals. Your metabolism is the way your body converts food into fuel and how efficient it is at doing so. Your metabolic rate defines how quickly you burn calories and thus, how quickly you can lose weight. If you want to lose excess body fat, boosting your metabolism naturally is the best way to do it. The key is to increase your muscle mass.

Why Boost Metabolism?

You may want to boost your metabolism for several reasons. Often people want to lose a little extra weight as efficiently as possible. This decision can come about at any time, but people often make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or they might hit a milestone in their lives and want to make a change. Boosting metabolism is also of special interest to those who are already in good shape, but want to lose those last few pounds or that nagging percentage of body fat.

Benefits of a High Metabolism

There are many benefits to a high metabolism. For example, boosting metabolism burns fat. Boosting metabolism burns calories. But most importantly, an increased metabolism does all of this even when you’re not exercising (1). Everyone burns calories while exercising, but people with higher metabolisms burn calories at all other times, too (1). A pound of muscle burns 35 calories every day, whereas a pound of fat burns only 2 calories (1). This lets you eat more and utilize all the calories you ingest, leading to the general loss of excess body fat without starving yourself.

Maximize Your Metabolism with Muscle

The most significant way to boost your metabolism naturally is to increase your muscle mass. As noted above, muscle burns more calories than fat, even after you’re done exercising. As people age, they start to lose that muscle, so it’s unsurprising that the elderly have lower metabolic rates. But to show what an impact increased muscle has, studies have found that “a heavy-resistance strength-training program increases RMR in healthy older men” (2). In that study, it increased metabolic rate by 7.7% after just 16 weeks of strength-training.

Metabolism Boost Tips: What to Eat/Take

Knowing what and when to eat, as well as what supplements to take, can provide a metabolic boost. While there is no significant difference in resting metabolic rate between morning and afternoon, the body does have increased glucose oxidation in the morning, due to its fasted state (3). Thus, it’s important to eat breakfast. In general, if you want to build muscle, your body needs more protein. Fortuitously, many studies have found that protein plays an important role in making you feel full after eating. “Protein plays a key role in body weight regulation through satiety related to diet-induced thermogenesis” (4). Protein also takes more energy to digest, about 25% more (1).


You might try spicing food with red pepper (capsaicin). One study found that “red pepper increases diet-induced thermogenesis and lipid oxidation,” though primarily when combined with high-fat foods (5). Another study found that “capsaicin treatment caused sustained fat oxidation during weight maintenance compared with placebo” (6). You should also take fish oil supplements. Fish oil reduces body fat and improves overall metabolic health (7).

Eat More Often

A study on snacking between meals showed that collegiate athletes who ate 3 snacks of 250 calories each in between regular meals showed better results than those who did not. The athletes who snacked had a significantly decreased body fat percentage, a significant increase in anaerobic power, and a significant increase in energy output (8). The study also showed they didn’t even consume more calories per day than the control group. Instead, they ate less at their three regular meals. This study, and others like it, shows that snacking between meals is good, provided it’s a healthful, nutritious snack.

Metabolism Boost Tips: What to Drink

There are several smaller tips that can help you boost your metabolism naturally like drinking green tea, coffee, and milk. Studies of green tea have found, “Average fat oxidation rates were 17% higher after ingestion of GTE than after ingestion of placebo…the contribution of fat oxidation to total energy expenditure was also significantly higher, by a similar percentage” (9). You should also drink coffee. The caffeine in coffee significantly increases metabolic rate for three hours after ingestion; “this is accompanied by greater oxidation of fat in normal weight subjects” (10). After exercising, drink skim milk rather than soy milk. “Milk-based proteins promote muscle protein accretion to a greater extent than do soy-based proteins when consumed after resistance exercise,” which promotes the more rapid building of lean muscle mass (11). More muscle means a higher metabolism.

These tips may help you boost your metabolism naturally in the short-term. That said, the most important, long-term way to maximize your metabolism is to increase your overall muscle mass. That way your body will burn fat even while you’re at rest.

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