How to Boost Metabolism ? Lose Weight Fast Naturally with 3 Easy and Cheap Metabolism Boosting Diet

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metabolism boosting
by wallygrom

How to Boost Metabolism ? Lose Weight Fast Naturally with 3 Easy and Cheap Metabolism Boosting Diet

Metabolism is a very important reason why some people are fat or overweight. This is also the reason why some people stay skinny no matter how much they eat. If you are one of the unfortunate people who are stuck with a very slow metabolism, there are ways in which you can boost your metabolism and achieve a healthy weight loss.

Recommended Water Intake

You probably heard about the saying that drinking eight glasses of water a day provides numerous health benefits. Water keeps you hydrated, regulates the body temperature, aids in good digestion and detoxifies. While this saying is true, there is also another reason why you should be drinking plenty of water daily.

According to a recent research in Germany, drinking approximately 17 ounces of water immediately speeds up metabolism. The metabolic rate of a person can go up as high as 30% when he or she drinks 8 glasses of water daily. It also washes down the by-products of fat breakdown and suppresses hunger, helping you to lose weight.


Think about it, these are great reasons why you should drink as much as you can. Remember to drink a lot more when you are exercising or suffering from extremely hot weather.

Importance of Exercise

Exercise is the best way of how to speed up your metabolism. It is ideal to exercise in the morning right after waking up in order to boost your metabolism right away. The increase in metabolism will last throughout the day or more depending on the type of exercise.

Weight training, according to experts, is the best type of exercise to speed up metabolism. The effect of a 25 minute proper weight training program on your metabolism can last two to three days after the workout.

This should be combined with cardiovascular work-out in order to achieve the highest amount of weight loss in the shortest time possible. Cardiovascular exercise also increase metabolism but only for short periods.

How to Boost Metabolism with Foods

It is important to learn how to boost metabolism naturally by eating the right kinds of food. High protein food that is low in fat is an ideal metabolism food. Protein is hard to breakdown so the body has to work harder and burn a lot of calories in order to digest high protein foods properly. The best high protein foods for increasing metabolism are chicken breast, lean beef and turkey.

Fiber rich foods are also great natural metabolism boosters. These foods also require the body to burn extra calories for proper breakdown aside from cleansing the digestive tract. Fiber also gives a person the feeling of fullness quicker thus less food and calories are consumed resulting to weight loss. Some of the best choices are spinach, broccoli and other green leafy vegetables.

Studies also suggest eating 5 smaller meals a day in order to increase metabolism. Add high protein sources and high fiber foods in each meal and the weight will come off faster.


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