How realistic is this weight loss goal?

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Question by Rawr,: How realistic is this weight loss goal?
Currently at: 58kgs 5ft 4inches
Goal: 50kgs
How realistic am I to achieve this and in how long, any tips or guidance?

Best answer:

Answer by George
It can be quite easily done anywhere from 2 weeks to 2months

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4 Responses to “How realistic is this weight loss goal?”

  1. DistantTraces writes:

    Well, the maximum amount of weight gain or loss anyone should ever really aim for is a kilo a week, but in most cases, it’s not needed, and usually half that amount is better (about a pound).

    To lose a kilo, you need a deficit of 7700 calories as a pound is 3500.
    So in a week, that would mean eating 1,100 calories less than you require each day – which is a bit extreme. Just 500 to lose a pound is much more realistic and manageable. Plus, it won’t have any severe risks for your health.

    Most average women need about 2000 calories each day, however, everybody’s different. I would start by eating 1,500 (as that’s 2,000 subtract 500) calories and adjust according to your results (by about 100-200 calories for a day).
    So say you only lost 0.2kg, then you would have to eat about 200 less each day, meaning 1300.
    As a general guideline, try to stay above 1000-1200 calories at all times.

    So if you take the 1/2kg approach, it should take you about 4 months. However, I think that would be best as you’d probably manage to stick to it until you get your results this way.

    – Choose wholegrain options for foods such as pasta and bread. They contain more fibre, so can make you feel more satisfied and help your digestion.
    – Fill up on fruit and veg. They’re low in calories and full of vitamins and fibre.
    – Fat-free and low-fat versions of dairy products are full of calcium and protein, and have been scientifically proven to help with fat loss.
    – When eating meat, opt for fish and lean cuts. Cut off visible fat from meat and avoid eating animal skin.
    – Avoid eating a lot of foods high in sugar and saturated fat – it is better to limit your fats to healthier types found in oily fish, vegetable-based oils and margarines, avocados nuts and seeds.
    – Use cooking methods such as baking, boiling, steaming and grilling food rather than deep-frying and frying.
    – Watch portion sizes and use a smaller plate if it helps. Avoid eating straight from a container.

    – Spend less time sitting down in front of a screen. Go out with friends for a walk, or even a day at the beach or shopping instead.
    – Make simple lifestyle swaps, take the bus, cycle or walk instead of driving. Take the stairs instead of the lift, etc.
    – Find a sport/activity you enjoy and/or can do with friends for exercise.

  2. Blondiesk8s writes:

    You should aim to lose approximatley 1.4- 2.00 lbs per week for a healthy weight lose.

  3. Clark writes:

    Eat 5 times a day. Cut down on the size of your breakfast, lunch and dinner, and add a snack in-between your breakfast and lunch and your lunch and dinner. By breaking up your meals in this manner, you are allowing your body to digest your meals fully. You are keeping your body satisfied and increasing your metabolism.

  4. MusicManDre writes:

    It’s possible to lose a pound a day if you are really serious about weight loss. Here’s a natural weight loss plan for 10 days.

    With any weight loss plan, you have to focus your mind and discipline yourself to stick to it so you can see the results you want.

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