How much should I run to see weight loss results?

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Question by Lindsaaay: How much should I run to see weight loss results?
I started running last week. I ran three miles on two different occasions. We plan to start running 3 miles four times a week. If I am consistent with my running, is that enough to lose weight without changing my diet? Also how long would it take to notice results in toning and weight loss? I am trying to lose about 10 pounds, maybe 15 at the maximum, but I would like to do it quickly. I plan to do a little exercise on the days I don’t run, but nothing extreme.

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Answer by lotta93
You will lose weight by running, but it will be less than you would if you changed your diet.

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7 Responses to “How much should I run to see weight loss results?”

  1. my_alias_id writes:

    If you can run 3 miles 2 times a week already, then you are in good shape already. It will be hard for you to lose weight quickly. BTW: Losing weight quickly means that weight comes back quickly and with a few extra pounds. That’s because when you reach your goal, you quit all the exercise and dieting and binge on food you denied yourself.

    You have to commit yourself to an exercise plan and diet to keep weight off.

    If you want the weight to stay off, lose it slowly.

  2. Shiggy writes:

    I highly recommend NOT to try any detox diets or pills. These are the quick fix diets that stack on the kilos after you lose them. I’d recommend running or exercising intensely about 1-1:30 hours at least 3 times a week and minor exercises during the week are great to just give a little more effort into it. However you have to be consistent, and stick to it, Depending on how much you eat, you might find it was simply a lack of exercise but it wouldn’t hurt to cut back on bad foods just a little bit and drink plenty of water during exercise, you’ll find you need it.

  3. Ĭ åm łħï¢ĸ, qµï¢ĸ åńđ şlï¢ĸ writes:

    eat healthy and drink lots of water….good luck,, dont eat at night…exercise 3-5 days per week…. its not going to be easy,, try and dont weigh yourself all the time bc you not going to be motivating that much, you’ll feel depress and it would stress you out…

  4. nmyankee writes:

    If you run 3 miles in 30 mins., you’ll burn about 260-265 calories. Cut back on your fat intake – keep it to a bit less than 20% of your diet and reduce all your ‘normal’ portion sizes by 25% (except for green veges). You should lose the 10 pounds in 5 weeks. Everyone wants to lose the weight quickly but it isn’t healthy to starve yourself because it, permanently, messes up your metabolism. If you gain 3 pounds, take it off immediately. .

  5. Dorisar writes:

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  6. Ewan writes:

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  7. Sakurathekunoichi writes:

    Just running alone wont work by itself. If you run for about like, 2 hours and then eat a hamburger from McDonald’s then all that running was wasted. And losing too much weight quickly isn’t always safe. Id stick to maybe 3-4 pounds a week, maximum. Just pay attention to all the foods you eat, and try to keep the calories under control.

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