How much does green tea raise your metabolism?

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Question by Alana: How much does green tea raise your metabolism?
I’ve heard that it raises your metabolism. So, of this is true, how much does it speed it up?

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Answer by Cran Juice
It’s not true, therefore it doesn’t raise your metabolism. It’s more like a correlation than causation. People who drink green tea also happen to eat a healthy diet in general, and therefore are at a healthy weight; it has little to do with the green tea.

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5 Responses to “How much does green tea raise your metabolism?”

  1. ? writes:

    first i’v herd of that :/ , tell you what does thou ..cold baths 🙂

  2. Frank writes:

    Caffeine raises your metabolism slightly. Green tea has been ascribed many miraculous powers, but it is the caffeine that matters.

    But it is only a small difference. Since the feeling from caffeine can be confused with the feeling from hunger, the small difference may be cancelled out by the little bit of extra food that you eat.

  3. Androgyny writes:

    They honestly do not know. One study of 10 men concluded this. This could just be a mere coincidence that the couple men using the green tea every meal just simply had higher metabolism (which is possible especially if you have some extra muscle). They concluded that this would help burn off about 4 to 4.5% of you caloric intake (around 60 calories if you ate 1500 calories a day). But again, it was a very poor study that concluded this.

  4. cazort writes:

    If green tea speeds your metabolism, the effects are very small. There is some evidence that tea (including green tea and others) can aid weight loss but it may not do it by any special effect of raising metabolism, but just because it contains caffeine, which can make you more awake and active, and also can suppress your appetite.

    I have a page that explains this in more depth:

    Personally? I love green tea; I actually just finished a cup of it (Japanese bancha green tea) before answering this question. But…I drink it because I like the taste. Green tea is healthy, and if you don’t sweeten it, it is calorie-free and certainly won’t harm your attempts to lose weight. But it’s best viewed as a beverage, not a medicine or weight loss product. If you’re going to drink green tea, drink it because you like the taste. I also have a page on my site for reviews of green teas and information about different varieties of green tea, if you want some help locating green tea that tastes good:

    And if you don’t like green tea, but want the health benefits of tea, drink some other kind of tea. There’s no evidence that green tea is universally healthier than other types of tea. All tea seems to be relatively healthy.


  5. Mark Stylan writes:

    Green tea comes from the plant camellia sinensis, just like regular tea. If you take five cups of organic green tea or one green tea supplement pill per day is enough to increase metabolism. *

    In a study reported in the Journal of American Nutrition, green tea extract was found to increase metabolism. The tea promotes energy expenditure and fat oxidization, two major components of metabolism.

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