How much and how often should I exercise for quick weight loss?

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Question by : How much and how often should I exercise for quick weight loss?
Hi guys, Im a 23 year old female and want to lose 25 lb. Im only 4′ 11″ so my calorific intake at the moment is 1200 cals a day. I have my diet and food intake taken care of any i dont need advice on that part.

This week I am going to start exercising. I just bought Clare Nasir’s-Boot Camp and Nadia Sawalha’s-Fat to Fab. I had a look at them, they look tough but good.

Can you tell me for quick weight loss how often should I exercise in a week and how much (minutes/hours) time should I spend?

Any advice welcome, thanks.
Sorry I forgot to explain Clare Nasir’s-Boot Camp and Nadia Sawalha’s-Fat to Fab are exercise DVDs

Best answer:

Answer by Mabaya Benzona
An hour a day on the treadmill with a ten percent incline would do wonders

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3 Responses to “How much and how often should I exercise for quick weight loss?”

  1. Lisa writes:

    What is Clare Nasir’s-Boot Camp? Nadia Sawalha’s-Fat to Fab? They sound like those scans they try to sell you over the internet…I don’t really have much faith in those things, but give them a go anyway.

    Weight loss in never quick. And if it is, there’s a good chance you’ll just gain it all back once you stop doing your Nadia Sawalha’s-Fat to Fab thing.

    Exercising 6 days a week (1 day to rest if you want), for 30-40 minutes a day is ideal. Everyone has their favorite form of cardio exercise, so really push yourself at that. The trick to weight loss (and keeping it off) is to find a workout you enjoy doing. If you don’t enjoy it, then you won’t stick to it.

  2. Greg writes:

    This is tough to answer in a generic format. We would need to talk about specific goals, any physical limitations you might have and, to work with you directly, I would need a physician referral since you are overweight and presumably sedentary. Even people without any notion of any physical limitations might not be aware that they are unbalanced (strength imbalance from left to right, top to bottom or front to back), or have poor posture – that should be corrected first. Second, you will want to progress – don’t over-exert on the first workout because that will set you back. Build up slowly for the first few weeks and then build on that as your body allows. Too many people go crazy right out of the gate and then are to sore or injured to continue. Finally, make sure you stretch, drink plenty of water and eat better foods in reasonable quantities (we all know what that means – there’s no real secret here).

    So, what might the exercise routine look like? 3 days per week (I would start with 2 days per week for the first couple of weeks and then add a 3rd day as another progression) you should focus on some form of resistance training. An exercise circuit in which you perform an upper body pushing exercise (such as push-ups or bench press) followed by a squatting exercises (body weight squats or lunges) and an upper body pulling exercise (seated row or a bent barbell row) would work wonders. These three movement patterns would work your entire body, elevate heart rate (if done in a continuous circuit) which burns calories, and ensure good balance in exercise for your body. So, if this routine followed a M, W, F pattern (or M, TH to start) you could then fill in T, TH, Sa (or T, Sa to start) with a 20 – 45 minute cardio session. Interval training has proven to work best but you can still build up gradually. Intervals simply mean that you should change the intensity frequently within the workout so you might work hard for 30 seconds and then ease up for 30 seconds to a minute). Challenge yourself to increase your strength by adding weight or reps to your exercises or reducing rest between sets for resistance training and increase your resting or intense cardio intervals or reducing resting interval/lengthening intense intervals between sessions. You will become fitter and stronger, your metabolism will rise and you should begin to lose fat weight.

    Remember, 80% of the game is still eating properly – don’t ruin your workouts by eating the wrong foods. I see this happen much too much.

    Good Luck

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