How long after you start a new excercise plan before you start to see some weight loss?

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Question by Stacy M: How long after you start a new excercise plan before you start to see some weight loss?
I started working out at the gym about a month ago. Prior to that I had no workout routine. I’m 5’2.5″ and weigh 145lbs. So I went from no excercise to working out at least 4 times a week, for about an hour to an hour and a half each time. I use the treadmill at an incline, and two different eliptical machines. I know my heart rate is raised; I work up a good sweat by the time I leave! I don’t eat fast food, no chips, cookies or candy. I know my calorie intake for the day is about 1500 or less. Well, after a month I still haven’t seen any weight loss. I know it takes time but how long before I see even a couple pounds drop?!

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Answer by Robbie
Well, theoretically you should have started losing weight immediately — at least within the first two weeks. If this isn’t the case, then don’t keep doing the same thing hoping that something might change. Chances are, it won’t — or it will be painfully slow.

It has to be your diet, your training, your amount of rest, or some combination of these three. I’m not saying you aren’t making an effort; obviously, you are. However, something must be off if you aren’t losing. If you are doing everything right, then weight loss should occur. I would spend some money on a licensed nutritionist and a certified personal trainer about your difficulties and acquire a program that is suited for you.

Don’t frustrate yourself any longer. You should see results, big or small, immediately if you are doing everything right.

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4 Responses to “How long after you start a new excercise plan before you start to see some weight loss?”

  1. Rebecca C writes:

    I am going through the exact same thing. I keep switching different excersizes because my bf says your body will get used to the same thing and it will come to expect it. Since I have been doing different, I have finally started to lose inches but no lbs. Dont know if thats normal or not but he also says muscle weighs more than fat so as I am toning up I am gainig muscle. He says give it three months to see weight loss. Im nly going by what I am being told though but I hope it helps.

  2. lolo5 writes:

    There is no way you havent lost any weight yet. Maybe you have a thyroid problem. You need to check that out girl.

    Try to do other things besides the treadmill though. Walk outside even. I will tell you the best thing for you is roller blading. Try free weights too.

  3. Sarah writes:

    no no no… when you work out at the gym the way you are, you gain muscle, muscle cells weigh more then fat cells, so you are losing fat, but gaining muscle. scales are so over used… try measuring yourself instead. your doing fine keep it up!

  4. joeshmoe59 writes:


    i work in surgery and back in april i took a contract at a hospital. my weight when i started was 270. 270 is pretty heavy but im 6ft 1 so i didnt look like your typical 300 pounder. i worked there for a couple of weeks and i didnt fit in well with the staff. i noticed there were a select few that didnt like me, and they were talking bad about me behind my back. they gave people nicknames, and they thought it would be appropriate to give me the nickname “doughboy” i didnt care for the name. i had later found out that the nursing director had underwent gastric bypass, and only lost 100lbs in a whole year!!!!………thats just sad. he was one of the people i didnt get along with. there was an anesthesia nurse that had been dieting for about 6 months and he openly would tell people he lost 80 lbs. which isnt too bad. but one day he reprimanded me for something…………that made me pretty much hate the guy. overall, the majority of the staff and i didnt get along for some reason.

    you see, in surgery emotions and egos are blown way out of wack and there is way too much drama going on. doctors and nurse anesthetists pretty much think they are better than anyone they come in contact with.

    anyways, i felt like i could stand to lose a couple of pounds. so i tried the atkins diet.

    my first day i was ridiculed for even trying this diet, but ive seen this diet work for some so i stuck with it.

    after a week had passed, 5 pounds came off!! people had their 2 cents, theyd say “haha no bread again huh?” theyd say “oh that cant be healthy, eatin’ all that meat” at the end of this week, i got a gym membership.

    week 2 i was at about 264lbs. on monday i started my exercise regimen. i started using the eliptical machine for an hour, and weight trained for an hour a day. i saw the anesthesia nurse at the gym from time to time. i also could feel my food cravings back off a little.

    week 3 i weighed in at 261, not a huge loss but still progress. people still gave me their 2 cents about my diet, even the cafeteria lady started calling me the “meat guy”
    she’d say “hey all this guy eats is meat…haha” it started to really piss me off. i decided to step it up a little in the gym this week. i wanted to drop at least 5 pounds. i rode the ski machine for 2 hours and did my regular weight training. that nurse saw me ride the machine for 2 hours, and said “hey you better take it easy” inside i was thinking “youd better shut the hell up” in spite of what he said i exercised 4 hours on saturday and sunday.

    week 4 i weighed in at 252!! 9 pounds HAHA. some people started to notice i was losing but it was still hard to tell with my scrubs and all. this week i decided i was getting tired of peoples’ comments about me being on the atkins diet. i decided to reduce my portion sizes and exercise more. i rode the ski machine along with my weight training for total of 4 hours monday thru saturday. i took sunday off. i ate only 3 cans of tuna and 1 cup of lettuce a day. the whole time im thinking ro myself “doughboy huh?” i was starting to make these people eat their words. i figured all this exercise, id lose another 10 lbs easily.

    well i weighed in at 239. i lost 13lbs last week!! by now my boss and a lot of other people started to notice. i had to wear smaller scrubs now. people would ask me what i was doing to lose weight. one time the guy who had the bypass(my boss)was in the breakroom and he said “wow are you eating?…..howd you lose all that weight?”and i said ” yeah im eating, but all you have to do to lose weight, is burn off more calories than you take in!!” i said it real sarcastic, haha. he walked off somewhere. i decided i wanted to lose so much weight so fast it would just be sickening. i kept with my diet and excercise regimen.

    week 6 i lost another ten pounds!! by this time none of my clothes were fitting. at 229 i didnt look fat any more. haha, people were starting to talk alot less, 50lbs lost in just over a month, i wonder why. it was like 20 questions at lunchtime. i started to eat a little more since i figured 50lbs was a little extreme. so they all scrutinized my plate to see what was on it every day. it got pretty annoying so i started eating alone. one day someone decided to congradulate the anesthesia nurse on his progress in front of me, i just laughed and walked off.

    some of the women staff were getting pretty emotional when they saw me. they werent use to seeing me this thin. they were probably thinking “how does this fatass drop 50lbs in a month when ive been struggling with my weight for years?” so i figured it would be good to make them sickly jealous and lose another 20 lbs. i was thinking”i want these women to be so jealous, they wont be able to stand the sight of me”

    by week 9 i was well under 200. this was the thinnest id been since high school. im 30 now. by this time you couldnt deny that i completely transformed my body shape in a little over 2 months. no one was saying **** about the atkins diet!! even the guy that had the bypass was on it!! one day i went to set up instruments for a knee replacement surgery and the girl that wasnt fond of the atkins diet was there. she was in the operating room for a minute or two. and then she just started crying and ran out of the room after i said hi to her………hahah!!! man i made her really eat her words didnt i?


    during this time i realized im one sick mofo!!

    more than half my motivation to lose weight was to make my co workers feel terrible, and it made me feel really good.

    well ive managed to keep the weight off, but the holidays are coming up so i might put on a few pounds………but at least i KNOW how i can get the weight off!!


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