How Kim Kardashian Lost Weight?

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Kim Kardashian Workout – Fit in Jeans By Friday – Workout Videos to Lose Wight Fast Fitness Videos – Workout Routine.

Kim Kardashian is attempting to lose 30 pounds in 30 days after giving birth to North West. Meanwhile, Kanye supports her keeping her baby weight. Subscribe!…
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43 Responses to “How Kim Kardashian Lost Weight?”

  1. Sascha Malina writes:

    First exercising looking glam!

  2. JayAlvarez2127 writes:

    She is soooo bullshit!!!!!

  3. Shisir Basnet writes:

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    easy way for you to shed fat fast.

  4. hotmessis writes:

    She is not fat. Dang people.

  5. Brentcala writes:

    i’m saying

  6. katie noja writes:

    if i started monday would i fit my size 4 jeans by friday

  7. tanvirdukh writes:

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  8. Aksa I. writes:


  9. Brentcala writes:

    thank god

  10. Eda Iyamu writes:

    Why does she have on that outfit it makes it so hard to work out in

  11. Decp1979 writes:

    Her fat ass didn’t lose weight

  12. deathpearl360 writes:

    Stop trying to stand up for her. Of course her fat ass didnt lose weight. I
    think she wore that to look more appealing. Didnt want ppl to see her
    excess fat.:p

  13. ASmokeyHaze writes:

    She doesn’t need to lose weight why is everyone calling her fat? She has
    the same body weight as normal people

  14. Rick Gomez writes:

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  16. Andamurga420 writes:

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  17. MP Singh writes:

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  18. jose fernandez writes:

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  19. luna sol writes:

    of course she did …she got money for all those surgeries!!

  20. Christian Rosales writes:

    kims gonna do what she wants love her

  21. Joseph Tolua writes:

    She rich and Yes of course she can lose weight in 30 days .

  22. Cristina Simovici writes:

    oh, ye.. you`re losing weight even at birth: baby plus the rest of stuff
    5-6 kilos, many times your tissues are full of water due to the pregnancy
    and so other kilos go away, and finaly you lose 5 real kg because a baby is
    a new being that needs you and the excitement and tiredness are

  23. koreandramalover writes:

    She can do it

  24. SlickTV1 writes:

    But She got that cake though!!!! Keep the weight, you look great!!
    #RhymesBetterThanKanye !

  25. Viciousbarbie69 writes:

    You guys are too funny but like you all said yes she the money & dick too
    loose it and keep her in check.

  26. Georgia L-F writes:

    She can lose the weight no problem

  27. Samantha T Heinen writes:

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  28. MzHrMny Phan writes:

    She can do it and I’m sure Tracy Anderson will make sure it’s in a healthy

  29. Lucille Blomster writes:

    Hey everyone, for the past weeks I have been following this simple weight
    loss program from and I lost 27 pounds so far. Its 100%
    natural weight loss solution Follow for best results When does
    the driving calibrate the scary smell? How does the thunder simulate the
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  30. Maddy Chan writes:

    They actually named their baby north?

  31. ghosted760 writes:

    Sorry to put a pin your your fallacy balloon… no man likes a uberhuge
    butt. Kim’s rear end is LITERALLY TWICE the size that it should be for the
    rest of her body.

  32. Frank Conway writes:

    that will be hard work!

  33. Hisluv18 writes:

    I don’t think it’s a good idea cause she might have low milk supply but if
    she want to so that, well what ever makes her comfortable n this might
    inspire a lot a women who stifle with their baby weight gain.

  34. bibi gs writes:

    is not crazy shell loose her weight fast because after u have a baby u
    sweat alot for like 40 days

  35. alyce fleck writes:

    Yeah she can do it

  36. Happy Joy writes:

    Yeah, let’s just talk about where exactly that 30 pounds has gone. If you
    have seen her “selfie” in the white suit then you will agree we found that
    30 plus pounds located in her big ASS. Oh my gosh and EW!! If you gonna put
    it out there, then the playing field is prime property for scrutiny. She
    and Kanye deserve each other. and I close with another…..EW!!!

  37. BLOEEO writes:

    Lol North West….

  38. Phone5420 writes:

    right who care

  39. karol rios writes:

    She must be on crack

  40. jennyblossum88 writes:

    She needs to let her body heel first. She’s gonna hurt herself.

  41. AyyeDopeKid808 writes:

    West = North duuh lol

  42. jaquelin pierre writes:

    if the dick big,who cares about loosing lbs?

  43. Mariangela Giordano writes:

    It’s easy and healthy to lose 30 pounds of baby weight in 30 days, I lost
    one pound per day a total of 30 after my baby was born, it’s mostly water

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