How I lost upto 6lbs in 1week

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please read This detox method has been around for some time so if your already aware of it or have tried it already then I would love to hear your stories. …
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25 Responses to “How I lost upto 6lbs in 1week”

  1. Monica Vig writes:

    U didnt put ginger in drink???
    Only cinnamon n honey….?

  2. Maria writes:

    @FloralCharms Hi, quick question for you, how long after your dinner do you
    wait to drink the night time portion? I’m not sure how “empty” your stomach
    was at night.

  3. Ouarda Filali writes:

    assalamo 3alikom sister can I give the drink to my son his 9 yeas old
    and How many hours before I can eat in the morning ater the drink

  4. Pam Ali writes:

    Assalaamu Alaikum,

    Thank you for your video. I’ve heard cinnamon is good for reducing the fat
    around the stomach.

  5. ChicGenique writes:

    So can you drink this detox along with eating a regular diet? Or is it just
    the detox only, no food?

  6. Alice Tim writes:

    You are incredibly beautiful ^_^ Have a lovely day!

  7. julie whiteley writes:

    ty for sharing im on day four and have definitely noticed weeing lots tummy
    not as bloated either worth a go xxx

  8. Wasiq Mohammad writes:

    Should I drink that before or after my morning work out 

  9. Jenny Krab writes:

    So…are you eating normal foods during the detox or only the water/honey

  10. Andleeb Hashmi writes:

    MashaAllah u r soo beautiful I’ll try this insh’Allah.

  11. asif rahman writes:

    as salam walale kum Sister, i will give it a try and will update you. thank
    you for sharing….asif rahman from new zealand

  12. hafsa faith writes:

    Masha’Allah, I am going to try it. Insha’Allah, I will get some results. I
    need to loose at least 40 pounds do you recommend long term use? JAK for

  13. Bret Lynne writes:

    Wow, you are beautiful!

  14. sigmiami writes:

    A drop of 5-7 pounds on the 1 first week of a diet is normal. It is your
    liver releasing its glycogen stores- so what you are losing is mainly
    water. If you lost 6-7 pounds a week of fat you would be dead. Normal fat
    loss is 1-2 pounds per week. To lose weight stick to a low carb diet. Eat
    foods that haveva low glycemic load. Eliminate all sugars, alcohol, and
    grains. Once you have attained your weight or waist choose a sustainable
    life altering diet. 

  15. Angelina pheby writes:

    Salam Floral thank you so mush!!

  16. Karlos Munoz writes:

    Thanks for sharing. U have a wonderful voice and very beautiful!

  17. Demi Lovatic writes:

    Reply with wallah if the cinnamon honey water really works lol

  18. farhaan moosafeer writes:

    Hello i am Farhaan moosafeer.I am 12 years old and I am asking if i can
    drink cinamon with honey. Will it have some aide effects.

  19. sanaa riaz writes:

    Thank u very much for sharing ur video. I also started this but I didnt got
    any bowl movements. I did a little research and it suggested that only if
    ur allergic the spice uk get diarrhoea. 

  20. shemexii Al writes:

    can i use natural honey? it is kinda dark honey color 

  21. Sharune Tilvikaite writes:

    will try it first thing in a morning. thank you

  22. josh sam writes:

    Danny Star you are eveil and wrong

  23. Vasya Smoroda writes:

    Hey! I’m Alex.I did -20 lbs in 1 week.Go to

  24. Highlands888 writes:

    If you desire to shed fat quickly, you must Google search for “Aston Fat
    Furnace”. You are sure to achieve the beach body you desire.

  25. pixsie doll writes:

    thank you sierra 😉

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