How I lost 60 pounds! My Weight Loss Tips & Tricks! (2012)

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25 Responses to “How I lost 60 pounds! My Weight Loss Tips & Tricks! (2012)”

  1. munkee21 writes:

    Thank you for your tips and tricks! Also, congratulations on reaching your goals. This was definitely inspiring. I know you posted this video a while ago, so maybe someone has already recommended this or you use this now, instead – have you considered changing over from plastic water bottles to one trusty one? It’s so much easier on your wallet and mother nature! No judgment here, just a positive change I’ve made. Anyway, thanks again for your thoughtful videos!

  2. Kristen Basore writes:

    Hey girl! Just wanted to let you know that my friends and I always watch this video for inspiration before our workout sessions! You’re changing lives! For us girls trying to workout while working (and we work on a cruise ship) – these videos make the difference!! Thanks for all that you do! 🙂

  3. tbaby124 writes:

    such good advise on many subjects thaks so much; i will start my journey today lets go get em lol

  4. roxan blackqueen writes:

    you are so cute for saying that xxxooo. . .

  5. SpookieBABE93 writes:

    She’s built like I am omg FINALLY 5’9 the height to weight is almost total crap my hips are 44 my waist is a 28

  6. LunaCherry2 writes:

    Be careful with the protein. Too much protein can hurt your nervous system and cause illnesses like Parkinsons, I’ve heard. And apparently recent studies say that we eat ALOT more protein than we need to. Have you ever heard anyone get hospitalized for protein deficiency? Just a thought 🙂 It’s just popular to stuff yourself with protein to keep from wanting carbs, but be careful everyone.

  7. Chloe Weaver writes:

    This is some of the best advice i have ever heard. Thanks!!

  8. Weightwatchergirl1 writes:

    Thanks for sharing! Your very down to earth… love it!

  9. jessica adams writes:


  10. Vivian Chen writes:

    You are inspirational and real. Great video!

  11. curvyshrine writes:

    Your curves are part of your femininity, you looked fine the way you were before. I hope you lost the weight for yourself and not because someone or society told you to do it. You still look great after having lost that weight, but it’s a shame that there is so much pressure on women to lose weight in today’s society.

  12. Dulce Aparicio writes:

    Your video has seriously inspired me and my weigh loss journey begins today!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  13. moorednc writes:

    OMG, I’ve gotta subscribe….another sistah encouraging me to know I TOO can do this. Thx so much!

  14. Shirley Townsend writes:

    great channel

  15. sammiesaurus1 writes:

    I loved every part of this video, but I had to thumbs up when she said, “Im’ma have this piece of chocolate I don’t care” lol

  16. mizzcrissy87 writes:

    Thank you I need those words of encouragement, you really hit home with what you said about emotional eat cause I see my self do that all more then I want admit!

  17. mizzcrissy87 writes:

    Everything you said hit home for me thank you for your words of wisdom I can say that I’m going to TRY to work out and not eat when I’m having those emotional moments of the day I JUST WANT

  18. ivy lovesya writes:

    your tips r amazing I really hope they work for me thanks so much and congradulatitions on your weight loss I love you!!!!!!

  19. lila mil writes:

    How do you get your teeth so white?!

  20. SecretStella101 writes:

    Do you think I can lose weight by doing an hour of interval training on the elliptical machine every day?

  21. Venus Pei writes:

    You’re really inspiring 🙂

  22. rvmunoz47 writes:

    I love your video ##motivated 🙂

  23. tiffany thompson writes:

    loved all ur tips can u please share if u put the protein mix in regular milk or in ur almond milk

  24. Prat Prather writes:

    Stop at 1:45lol

  25. m.s. mary writes:

    This video was really well done. I have had success in the past but was undone by health problems and weight gain from medications. I am having surgery soon and want to get back to a serious regimen once I recover. You had some new ideas I hadn’t thought of that I will put into place when I start my diet. Thanks so much. I also want to say how beautiful you are and that you have star quality in front of the camera.

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