how do i loose weight and become skinny wihtout exercising?

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Question by rishi malhotra: how do i loose weight and become skinny wihtout exercising?
i am just a bit fat and loosing a bit of wieght would makee me a lot attractive.. i dont need immediate results i want some tricks that would help me loose about 5 kgs in 3 months without any hard works..

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Answer by Jay
You gotta put in the work.

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2 Responses to “how do i loose weight and become skinny wihtout exercising?”

  1. matthew writes:

    Without hard work you wont get the results you want…. nothing comes easy.

    I dunno, maybe ingest a tape worm?

  2. Yun writes:

    Your body will not look good like you want it to unless you accept that you need exercise.

    Otherwise you will be stuck in this mindset that weight loss can be easy and you’ll have much trouble losing weight.
    Diet is hard as is exercise. But exercise makes diet easier as it works with it.

    You need to lower you calorie intake to around 1200 calories per day.
    Cut out bread, pasta, bars, dairy, meat, and anything with nuts, sauces, butter, or dressings. Also drink only water, no fruit juices ever (empty calories).
    No sugary things and no salty things. No junk food, pastry stuff, or restaraunt food whatsoever.

    Eat an instant oatmeal or oats or healthy cereal (with 1/2 cup fatfree milk only) for breakfast, have a snack of an apple or banana with a fatfree yogurt,
    another instant oatmeal or fruits and/or vegetables for lunch (ex. fruit salad of melons and berries, veggie salad of carrots, steamed broccoli, corn, soups – But no dressings for salads)
    a second snack of another apple or banana or berries,
    and then a healthy vegetable based dinner like a potato, sweet potato, tomato soup, corns or peas, etc.

    So an example day could be:
    breakfast – oatmeal
    snack – apple and fatfree yogurt
    lunch – tomato soup
    second snack- banana and handfuls blueberries and raspberries
    dinner – sweet potato and a side of broccoli, radish, spinach, and carrots

    And water with every meal.
    Once a week you can have fish or chicken.

    Then you also need to add exercise, at least 30 minutes of doing something each day!! That is rly not that long of a time….example, biking for 30 min, swimming for 30 min, tennis, jogging/walking, a workout video, etc.
    Try to find something that works both upper body and lower body as well as stomach, even if you have to find specific traditional exercises for the areas you want to target. Ie crunches and sit ups for a flat belly, squats and lunges for thin thighs, curling light dumbells or waterbottles for slimmer/leaner arms, and so on.

    Without exercise, your body can never look anything more than average and will still look out of shape and flabby even if you dropped some pounds.
    Bring yourself to exercise! It’s really fun when you can get into it and you start seeing results that are twice as good as you’d get with just diet.

    Hope that helps! Good luck to you ^_^

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