How do I get over a weight loss plateau?

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Question by Taylor S: How do I get over a weight loss plateau?
So I’ve been on a diet for about 6 weeks now and have lost 8 pounds. I am looking to lose about 20 pounds total. I believe I have reached a weight loss plateau and I am wondering what the best way to get over this hump is. Should I continue with the same diet, but increase cardio? Im not sure..thanks!

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Answer by jq
Increase cardio, you’re right! But…. you need to confuse your muscles so try different exercises like swimming instead of biking etc.

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7 Responses to “How do I get over a weight loss plateau?”

  1. dkk2 writes:

    Workout harder. You plateau because your body gets accustomed to your workout routine so you just gotta push it a little bit harder.

  2. TeddyBearsYAY writes:

    Switch the amount of foods you eat…to trick your metabolism. Increase the intensity of your workouts. Drink more water.

    The weight will drop eventually! Good luck!

  3. Andrew writes:

    Try to change up your work out and your eating habits. Some people respond really well to eating more one day and then less the next. Increasing anything generally isnt the way to go about things.

  4. 2nd of the 7th writes:

    Try this interval training at your gym (I assume you are already vigorously lifting weights…if not that should be your first priority)…in between your sets of weight lifting, instead of waiting 2 or 3 minutes to catch your breath, head over to the treadmills and run at close to full speed (prob 7 or 8 mph for a girl) for 2 minutes, then walk right back and with no rest start back on your next set of lifting…keep alternating like that thru your normal weight routine….the fat will melt off you….good luck

  5. SuperGirl! writes:

    You really just need something to speed up your metabolism. I lost 15lbs last month using slim patch.
    i can’t remember the website i purchased it from but i have the youtube channel that is a subscriber of mine.

  6. Logan writes:

    Well, how long have you been at this plateau? If it has not been long, then I would suggest keeping your routine becuase it is working. But if it has been a while, you should change your workout a bit. If your loseing weight, your diet is probably good. So just do more cardio and maybe a slight eating change if you think it is needed.

  7. Skip writes:

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