How can I make my diet routine more effective?

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Question by Mindy: How can I make my diet routine more effective?
I have been eating a piece of fruit for breakfast (9am) a snack,(11am) usually a yogurt or slimfast muffin bar with an apple juice. For lunch (12:30 or 1:00pm) a 6inch from Subway *not a meal with chips and soda* around 3 I have another snack, fruit. I go to the gym for 6, run 30 mins and a few machines. Now, my problem lies with dinner, it always varies and I’m looking for some good ideas. Dinner is usually around 7 or 8 to prevent myself from snacking later. Any tips for working more exercise into my day would be apppreciated as well or reducing my hunger from dinner until breakfast. So far, I have lost 4lbs in 2 weeks of this routine. for my third week, I’d like to lose 2lbs or more, if possible. I am not looking for a crash diet, just a way to work my schedule with the diet and exercise to maintain weight loss until i reach my goal of 10-15lbs.

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Answer by honk
Do you live in northern california?If so I’ll come over and help you.

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3 Responses to “How can I make my diet routine more effective?”

  1. Rockford writes:

    What I did to curb my evening hunger was have a bowl of cereal with skim milk in the evening. It didn’t effect my diet goals at all. I lost a total of 70 pounds over 70 weeks. Its good you have a menu and meal plan. Thats what I did for each day of the week. It takes the cravings away if you can see on paper what you are suppose to eat and snack for that day.

  2. ksneo627 writes:

    you certainly have the right idea with spreading meals over small meals and limiting portion sizes. however, i think you might be taking in too little calories, and not enough protein and fat. maybe add in 2 eggs in the morning, or natural peanut butter toast. it’s ok to have a big breakfast since your body has been on a 7-8 hour fast due to sleep. maybe add in some nuts or veggetables to some of your snacks (i like baby carrots and cherry tomatoes cause they’re easily accessible). as for dinner, just include some lean meat like chicken, fish, or lean beef to go with whatever veggie and grain you want. i also think it’s ok to have a small snack before you sleep, especially if you’re a late sleeper like me. maybe some oatmeal with milk.

  3. deverag writes:

    Whatever diet you undertake, it will only work if you feel full and content most of the time. Otherwise, you’ll easily fall out of it and back to your bad habits. So try eating five small meals/day instead of big meals.

    For dinner, try grilled chicken caesar salad or Baby spinach salad with sliced grilled chicken or steak. I also like fish with some brown rice and steamed veggies.

    For work out, try to make it fun. Studies show that people get bored with their workout routine after 90 days resulting to going back to their old habits of not exercising.

    Good luck.

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