High Protein Breakfast For Weight Loss

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weight loss before and after women

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25 Responses to “High Protein Breakfast For Weight Loss”

  1. Donna Chesser writes:

    Preach my brother. So true. 

  2. Bacel Al Hashem writes:

    You sir are a great doctor

  3. fanOmry writes:

    Parcially(sp?) true. While processed carbs have nothing good in them…
    Non-processed carbs: Lentils, Oatmeal(not instant), Quinua and others have
    a much lower glicimic index by themselves and if you eat them with a
    protein it is even lower. Result; a breakfast that will keep you full and

    While for just lowering your weight this guys breakfast is great, if you
    want to maitain muscle while in an exercize regime it may not have the
    results you want.

  4. Synbios Bowie writes:

    Hey Dr. G….you should have mentioned that the blueberries in the
    blueberry muffins are probably not blueberries at all, but rather a mix of
    GMO corn starch, hydrogenated soy/cottonseed oil and the artificial colors
    blue #2 and red #40.

    That’s definitely an ultimate junk food!

  5. Linda Mahoney writes:

    Good stuff. TY!

  6. Travis schmid writes:

    This guy is about 10 percent valid. 90 percent invalid…

  7. Norma c writes:

    I used to have a small penis until I disvovered secret of enlarging. The
    best one is the sizetrack. I have gained 1.5 inches in length and 1.25
    inches in girth. google sizetrac

  8. Myrddin Emrys writes:

    what about salmonella from raw eggs, I’d rather cook my eggs and eat them
    then to stay home with the bird flu don’t you agree?

  9. REALNassshole writes:

    Fruits and hard boiled egg is that good?

  10. Ca11MeZed writes:

    Well this also puts strain on your kidneys most of all. BUT the main
    problem with food nowadays is that ‘organic’ isn’t really organic. It’s all
    a load of crap. They make the prices higher and may add VERY LITTLE
    nutritional value to it in their attempt to make it seem like it really is
    organic. The problem with this is that the added nutrients are hard to
    digest meaning liver and kidney strain. I can tell you that I know this to
    be true because my uncle was born with only one kidney instead of the
    normal 2. He is an immigrant from a 3rd world country, where the people
    don’t really care for putting in preservatives and all that other stuff
    because they can’t afford it and because in a the country of Syria, a
    country smaller than the state of Illinois, there were 23 million people in
    his time. The food would be eaten VERY quickly. Anyway, his whole life he
    has never had any problems. He didn’t even know that he only had one
    kidney. Now though, as he is in America, he has noticed that he had a lot
    of issues and he has almost died from eating the food here. That is how he
    found out about how crappy the food is. He even tried organic. No
    difference. He was skinny before but now he is a little bit obese.

    What the hell is wrong with this government.

  11. stangeriam writes:

    weight loss , sure..kidney abuse…yes

  12. PROXIMASTARMAN writes:

    This guy seems to have some good advice except for the use of milk and
    dairy. check out ROBERT COHEN you’ll never touch the stuff again when you
    find out what goes into dairy cows and how the human body does not like
    milk protein or lactose and the hormones & antibiotics pumped into dairy
    cows has been linked to cancer.

  13. Georgina Amuah writes:

    Good job! Soooo true.

  14. rinuzx writes:

    lot many thanks for sharing this info for free,,, god bless u

  15. Brett Court writes:

    9.08 if you want to listen to what the title actually says.
    If you’d like to know what NOT to eat, then watch the full 10 mins.
    Upvote for visibility 

  16. Andy Rumfitt writes:

    Excellent advice… couldnt have said it better myself

  17. Jacob James writes:

    The good doctor, spends a lot of time telling what not to eat. He could
    have spent more time in explaining what we should eat.

  18. Elmo Mezzecosh writes:

    wow, is there anything I can eat,,???LOL

  19. nn0179 writes:

    wonderful!! video i agree!! 

  20. Biraj Dangol writes:

    It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when other regular people
    are able to build muscle easily using Morsch Muscle Madness (go google

  21. Stela Georgieva writes:

    If I eat breakfast at all, it’s usually some fruit or a vegetable (personal
    favorite is red pepper). In my personal experience if I eat breakfast
    different to vegetable or fruit, it makes me hungrier and I eat all day.
    Yogurt is a treat, especially blended with some fruits and a teaspoon of
    honey it makes a wonderful desert. But it’s a whole lot better to make it

  22. Ben Gerow writes:

    awesome vid 100%

  23. vanessamd2020 writes:

    Weres the high protein weight loss breakfast ,???????

  24. ybunnygurl writes:

    Raw milk for me no thank you, I have looked at that stuff under a
    microscope very very full of microbes most of what are not all that great
    for you. That said I thought I was lactose intolerant until I stop drinking
    skim milk I switch to whole had any stomach issues and I am even loosing

  25. Chinmoy Banerjee writes:

    Millions of people have the priceless gift to lose pounds — but don’t take
    advantage of it. Go Google Fat Blast Formula to unlock your weight loss

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