Healthy weight loss and natural healing products

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Healthy weight loss and natural products to help lose weight are rare. I like to eat healthy, organic food and take all natural supplements as much as possib…
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25 Responses to “Healthy weight loss and natural healing products”

  1. SoulSurvivorX2 writes:

    Just in time for flu season too

  2. Allen2045 writes:

    Walking the 6 blocks to work instead of driving it sounds good in my head
    but…..I’m eating more fruits and vegetables. I drink at least two glasses
    of the cucumber and lemon detox .

  3. Ivy Summers writes:

    Good show Cindy, I have a tons of Hilly billy natural remedies. my
    favorite is Rock and Rye 2 ounces of Clear Rock Candy in a Quart of 160
    proof or better moonshine. will cure anything that ails you :)

  4. HARMARSCH2 writes:

    I get my honey from my neighbors,as they have bee hives. I love cinnamon.
    Been buying a lot more natural health foods than ever. My health is slowly
    getting better because of it. It helps I have a niece that is very
    knowledgeable about these things. :)

  5. JW's BulletsNBlades writes:

    My stepbrother is a diabetic and when we were kids he would get low and eat
    a spoonful of honey to get his blood sugar back up. One time he went Into
    diabetic shock and my dad had to hold him down and I had to shove honey
    down his throat.. my stepbrother was naked and fighting like crazy.
    Diabetics do odd things when they get to low.. like a drunk crazy person..
    the honey saved his life that day

  6. Vince Hawk writes:

    In the state of Iowa where I live, High school wrestling is huge. It is
    common to see wrestlers drinking honey on the days of long tournaments to
    get a spark of energy. Also, cinnamon candles, or some kind of aroma
    cinnamon scent has been put in elementary classrooms during state tests.
    It triggers the brain and helps you focus. 

  7. Stephen Medley writes:

    It says “share your thoughts” … so … NEver heat up honey over 42°
    Celcius otherwise it loses all its antibacterial powers and some scientific
    studies even recorded slight carcinogenic toxins which appear in small
    amounts due to temperatures over 80° Celsius. Thus its better to avoid
    boiling water, at all. Instead let your tea cool down and add the honey
    then. You can easily check the temperature in the same way you check babies
    milk bottles; with your wrist.

    I had many allergies and got often the flu. However since I changed my diet
    and cook my dishes entirely, in particular by NOT using ANY industrial
    cooking aids like ready made sauces, soups or seasonings and no processed
    food at all, since then my allergies has gone. I am more relaxed, recharged
    and healthy than before. It is absolutely not necessary to buy organic food
    if you can’T afford it. Just reduce meat to an absolut minimum amount and
    increase your consumption of vegetables while banning all industrial
    processed food. I even buy the cheapest bay salt with no addings like fluor
    or iod; and I buy cone sugar. Both are made naturally and do not have any

    In case of a flu I use to combine cinnamon with honey, too. I even treat
    mosquito and tick bites with a tiny paste of honey with cinnamon powder.

  8. Get In Shape With Lee writes:

    I bet these taste great! I make these wonderful healthy oatmeal cookies. I
    take oats and blend them in the blender to make oat flour. Then blend up a
    banana and mix one cup of the flour I made and one cup of oats together.
    Dice up a apple in small pieces and add pecan pieces add cinnamon and mix
    all that together. Next bake and eat and its so yummy! 

  9. ShakerHP writes:

    The Egyptians used honey for wounds….long before we got here. And honey
    does spoil, also if honey get hard or crystallizes you can put the jar in
    warm water to bring it back to its normal state…ready to use again!!

  10. Maddawwg45 writes:

    I love 100% natural honey I live in Oklahoma and I get natural organic
    honey in the raw from a seller in strattford Oklahoma he and his wife have
    there own bees and I buy several bottles when they come to town its so
    much better then honey at the store

  11. Nebulax123 writes:

    I now drink water instead of 6 to 8 diet sodas a day. If you drink a lot of
    them I am here to tell you they will kill you they nearly did me. Also as a
    guy try to include pickles and even some pickle juice in your diet they are
    super low cal and have several great properties for men.

  12. 05generic writes:

    Juice Plus+ caps, vitamin D3, and Fish Oil. I do NOT take multi-vitamins or
    herbs except herbal teas (occasionally). I try to avoid the gen. mod.
    stuff. and avoid too much sugar and sat. fat. I would like to eat more
    fresh veggies and fruit but it so expensive and difficult to find fruits
    and veggies that are >>truly good<< quality. That is partly why I take the Juice Plus+. I live in an apartment so I'm limited on what I can grow. Most folks have no idea how important veggies and fruit are.

  13. Chris Hellstern writes:

    For me its to costly to eat organic. We have a family of 5. On a tight
    budget. We eat as much chicken and vegetables. Always keep fruit in the
    house. Guess I’m trying to ask everyone what’s a good plan that is cost

  14. Dave Clark writes:

    As a person that has been in the food industry for over 30 years I would
    say it’s better to eat foods that are as unprocessed as possible. It is all
    too easy for manufacturers of food to disguise poor quality ingredients
    with colourants and flavour enhancers. Also one must consider that the
    greater number of disgruntled workers that have handled the food then the
    more chance it has been tampered with.

  15. Denny Rector writes:

    Herea a good one for you. Went to tge doctor an was informed I had to loose
    cloae to 15 lbs. For never being over weight, I kind of panic. Was informed
    to cut out the soda and my salt intake. I also started swimming again, did
    as the doctor ordered and the first eight pounds were easy, but the last
    twelve were a bit hard. In 48 days not 15 but 20 Pounds. So im doing good
    also. You keep up the great work also. Have a good evening. Take care…

  16. A Catal writes:

    That is a great video! There was a lady who begging me for help that her
    granny is sick and she is diabetic, she was living on starchy food diet, I
    told her get your granny off of those starchy and put her on green veggies
    diet, Then I had her make 2 TBS of honey + 2TBS of cinnamon & mix them
    together in a drinking glass and pour warm water, then mix it together
    again until it is completely mix, have your granny drink it. After that, I
    heard about her granny got well and better.

  17. goriverman writes:

    If you use honey from the area you live in if helps with allergies. I
    always put honey in my tea, Trying to break away from my coffee addiction.
    looking good cindy

  18. Lyle Butkowski writes:

    Cindy, I have found in my book of nutrition healing, that it is best to
    use Raw , unfiltered honey, It is not sold is stores here MN, though we do
    have beekeepers in area, would that be a place to start looking? or do you
    have other ideas?

  19. heavylead1961 writes:

    the type of stuff I do in the winter time is split firewood and shovel the
    drive and eat lots of meat and taters!! of yeah and for my vegies, drink V8
    juice with my vodka lol

  20. awdsvx writes:

    Hmm, might have to try this out, sounds good to drink on a cold day. The
    two things I do naturally to loose weight, I recently bought a Bowflex
    Extreme 2 home gym that I bought off Craigslist & a Nordic Track tread
    mill. I try to run 4-8 miles a week & workout after my run.

  21. THE OLD LAB RAT writes:

    I eat a mostly Alkaline and organic.
    I charge my water with anions (negative ions). (A charger can be made for
    I have a daily coffee enema. (Idea from the Gerson cancer clinic)
    I had cancer once. Don’t ever want it back.

  22. dumidu adikari writes:

    Hey YouTubers, have you seen Nifty Fat Blaster? (look it up on google) You
    will find out about the crimes we commit against ourselves. With Nifty Fat
    Blaster, you will discover how to burn up fat quickly.

  23. N4ANE writes:

    Well we try and get non processed foods and me and my dad go hunting for
    meat and I have almost quit drinking coffee with milk and sugar and I am
    now almost all the time drinking it black and what video editing program
    are you using?

  24. TomsBackwoods writes:

    Great info Cindy!! Thanks abunch! Im hooked on Kale chips for snacks. to
    make them we first tried dehydrator and it worked but the oven worked
    better for some reason…Another tip is to remember to brush your teeth
    after eating Kale chips LOL :)

  25. boskinay writes:

    I have always made a mix of cinnamon and honey for everything from a
    sweetener to cold and flu sore throats. Always does better than store
    bought products for me. Plus the cinnamon helps open a stuffy nose. I can
    not take over the counter sinus products so that is my go to aid.

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