Healthy Eating : How to Increase Your Metabolism Naturally

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There are a number of things a person can do to increase metabolism naturally, including physical activity with exercises that alternate between cardiovascular and strength training. Learn about foods with thermogenic properties, such as green tea, with help from a registered and licensed dietitian in this free video on exercise and metabolism.
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The human body uses food for energy, which in turn keeps the body functioning and healthy. Learn how to increase metabolism with food from a registered dietician in this health video.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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27 Responses to “Healthy Eating : How to Increase Your Metabolism Naturally”

  1. ryanjosephdarby writes:

    @dahacker2312 she can come shake my 5 IB weight hahah just jokeing

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  3. thecactuus writes:

    good video cheers

  4. Destinaay writes:


  5. MissVanDevious writes:

    just finished some exercise…..and she basically said everything i just did. makes me wanna go do more now 🙂

  6. 28jiminy writes:

    great video! very similar to information i found at IncreaseMetabolismOnline

  7. doorsopen writes:

    wow green tea i did not know that…time to go to the store..thanks a bunch!

  8. DeathSetKing94 writes:


  9. dahacker2312 writes:

    @DeathSetKing94 NOOOO it doesnt work….. DO NOT WASTE YOUR ONEY THERE…… just get perfect pull up and perfect push up if you can…. or go to a park or something like that and workout there…. SHAKEWEIGHT = fAIL

  10. DeathSetKing94 writes:

    @dahacker2312 lol but do u really think that works cuz i was thinkin about it

  11. dahacker2312 writes:

    what about shakeweight? LMFAO jk jk jk jk

  12. AlienEatsPie writes:

    @Padam91 dude i was like a metre from the screen i could make a mistake… Im not trying to be rude

  13. Padam91 writes:

    @AlienEatsPie At first I thought you had manners, but no… my bad, sorry.

  14. AlienEatsPie writes:

    first i thourght u were a man 0,o my bad sorry

  15. PersonCentredDesigns writes:

    thanks for this.. 🙂 

  16. Igotmykiki writes:

    definetly 6 small meals and making healthy choices work and at least exercising 5 days a week works

  17. Adhesiveputty writes:

    Also eat small meals throughout the day. If the body keeps being introduced to food in small quantities less it will store because the body knows it will be getting more very soon. It is also easier on the body to digest and easier digestion means boosted metabolism. And eating fewer calories. With fewer calorie consumption the body will then tap into stored fat which are calories. Basically eat healthy, small meals and exercise and don’t forget that protein.

  18. EveryDayGuy100 writes:

    love me hard

  19. weathered79 writes:

    does walking after a meal help is a half hr circuit workout plenty of time a day and does being a night owl screw things up because of my job i got to bed at 9 am don’t get up til 3 or 4 pm so buy the time i’m ready to eat it’s dinner time

  20. jaco4me writes:

    @inshinaco wow… hows that for subtle sarcasm

  21. inshinaco writes:

    Thank you.
    You seem nice

  22. robertpattinsoncrazy writes:

    thank you !

  23. DpreciousBarbie writes:

    Thank you.

  24. NightcoredMusic writes:

    This is all wrong. Carbohydrates are the worst foods you can eat to lose weight.

  25. howdobrad writes:

    2:17 was my favriote part I would like someone to count how many times she blinks hahaha

  26. Devonbarlow1 writes:

    Are you sure your a dietitian? It sounds like your reading off a promter.

    and some of the information is messed up.

  27. tautologyste writes:

    glad she took those hairs out of her left eye! besides that, bang on

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