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Results of HCG protocol 7 day update 10lbs lost.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

HCG Diet before, during, and after pictures. Round 3 results – pictures, photos, and short video of me at my highest weight of 226 lbs long before hcg. Befor…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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weight loss before and after women

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50 Responses to “HCG WEEK 1 RESULTS LOST 10LBS”


    @goldenqueen1608 thank you


    @MrsLogic13 Thank you soooo much, good luck to you as well!!!

  3. Jibbie49 writes:

    Glad ur doing great.


    @MsKendra1978 It is hard, but it is worth it, since we get such fast
    results, I will be doing another round soon, so stay tuned… stay strong &
    good luck 🙂


    @ashtonfeight10 no, they recommend you do not work out, but if you have to
    light exercise is ok.


    HI MVL, I am selling HCG now, my website will be up soon & I will be back
    with an update video.

  7. jahjah890 writes:

    hey i have a conern about the hcg drops. First off how would I know which
    hcg drops is the real one. Another concern I have is that I overheard
    someone speaking about the hcg drops and they said that the hcg drops
    reduces a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant. Can you help me out please?


    @Kedda0720Pooh lol, thank you ma’am 🙂


    @cherryboboc its getting easier as the days go by, thank you 🙂

  10. imayoursforeva writes:

    What are apple days and Why do they help?


    @MyHCGjourney1 Thanks!!! I was using the injections, I got mine from a Dr.
    here in central Texas. I stopped the injections for the 1st 3 days of my
    cycle. Hope this helps.

  12. MixedOreo09 writes:

    how tall are u?

  13. Tierra Porter writes:

    Search for the youtube channel called bodyperformancetv he has a lot of
    GOOD and informative tips that I’m sure will help you out a bit! 🙂

  14. MyHCGjourney1 writes:

    Are you using the drops or injections? Where do you get urs from? And did u
    use it even during ur cycle? Any info will be gladly appreciated!!! P.S.

  15. sparklermp70 writes:

    Congrats on the progess. I have one question. Are you taking the pills or
    the injections?

  16. Eurochem Chemistlab writes:

    Price list HGH HGH products 10iu*10vials per kit ……..$90/kit KIGTROPIN
    10iu*10vials per kit……$100/kit HCG 5000iu*5vials per kit……..$80/kit
    TAITROPIN 10iu*10vials per kit……$110/kit HYGETROPIN 8iu*25vials per
    kit……$350/ kit JINTROPIN 10iu*10vials per kit…….$250/ kit ANSOMON
    10iu*10vials per kit……$350/ kit IGF-1 10iu*10vials per kit…….$100/
    kit Igtropin 10iu*10vials per kit…..$100/ kit Email: eurochemlab@gmail.com

  17. axl rose writes:

    @SOPHISTICATEDMMAMA i did the hcg for 30 days and accompanied with the
    px90….. i lost 52 pounds in 26 days.


    @angeliclovekis13 great thank you!

  19. MVLJaimeVega writes:

    Where did you get your HCG???


    @neekie5235 thanks!!! LOL

  21. monavielisa writes:

    way to go I can understand the trigger thing!!


    @mehohernandez lol, lots of water, sodium is ok, just not too much 🙂

  23. Jose Hernandez writes:

    wow! you got back to me quick..thanks for the help…ok so no tortillas but
    let me tell you..omg! the shreaded chicken was amazing..had a lot of zing..
    Im downing the water right now, I put some seasonings on it..yah prob lots
    of sodium but im good if I drink lots of water correct?..thanks


    @imayoursforeva apple days basically help you from retaining water, since
    apples are a natural diuretic, but if you stall its pretty much just a
    given & if you keep following the diet then you will come out of the stall
    on your own. I read the apple thing is psychological.


    @MixedOreo09 I am about 5’6

  26. MzLady writes:

    This is the best video that I have seen yet… VERY thorough AND
    motivating. I’m just starting. I’m on my second load day. Wish me luck! Ur
    video has erased all doubt from all of the “bad videos and comments” that I
    have seen….

  27. lovinhcg writes:

    You Rock!!

  28. miranda anthony writes:

    great job! i just started HCG last week and hope to get the same amazing
    results 🙂

  29. justgranny45 writes:

    You do not even look like the same person! You are a rock star!! You look
    so darn cute! You are so tiny!!! Look at your waist!! OMG I am SO happy for
    you girl!! Luff ya!!

  30. katzy2120 writes:

    i did my first round and lost 20lbs in33 days about to start round 2

  31. Annalise Anderson writes:

    Just saw your video. Wonderful job. I have been on and off HCG since
    October 2011. Lost about 40 lbs from 300. Was s excited Ester when I was
    able to get into a size 20. I go to a doctor, it cost me $180.00 a month.
    Would like to know is GNC HCG is good.

  32. Zakiya Goodridge writes:

    where do I get Hcg from

  33. Doniesa B writes:

    I loved watching your journey. so inspiring!

  34. dare2bthere writes:

    Wow!! Love love love this!! Congratulations!! You look AMAZING!!!

  35. pinuppaperdoll writes:

    you look amazing! such an inspiration! i just started watching all of your
    videos 🙂 good luck keep it up!

  36. Gray Wms writes:


  37. HCGBlondeAmbition writes:

    Did you ever think you’d look and feel this amazing? HCG truly changes
    lives. I am so happy for you, for your determination, hard work, and for
    sharing it with all of us. Congratulations, Steph. You are awesome. 🙂

  38. socalplum writes:

    Amen! I too am so thankful to God for HCG! So proud of you and am thankful
    we ‘met’! ::::Happy Dance::: and a BIG smile on my face for you!!!! Now
    rock P3!!! Hugs!

  39. HcgSkinnyB writes:

    Wow! What an incredible transformation! You look amazing lady! I hope you
    don’t mind that I added this to my before and afters playlist. You are
    truly an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Enjoy P3
    now! 😉

  40. IselaQ176 writes:

    Ur such an inspiration! This truely makes me feel good about the HCG path..
    thanks for inspiring/ motivating people like myself who r struggling w/
    their wt.

  41. Catrina Smothers writes:

    Your weight loss journey is amazing, how long did it take you complete all
    three rounds. I’m R1D7. I don’t know if it wrote that correctly so that’s
    Round 1 day 7. And I’ve lost 9lbs so far.

  42. mccallyk1 writes:

    Congratulations! You look fantastic!

  43. wisconsindieter writes:

    Absolutely impressive!!! So happy for you!!!!!

  44. AHealthyPath writes:

    wow! What incredible transformation! Well done!!! i am starting my HCG
    journey as soon as I get the drops! I am sure I will need help with some
    questions along the way. I will be watching your videos! You are a true
    inspiration! God bless!

  45. likwidlemondrop writes:

    Well, im sold. U literally just sold me. Can i ask a question….i didnt
    check if you had a faq or anything i prolly should but just in case, How is
    the loose skin factor after the rapid weight loss?

  46. MsHcGGirl writes:

    U r such a GREAT ***STORY*** teller! Whats amazing is this is HER-Story!
    (Instead of his-tory)! lol U DID AMAZING! Love watching the progression. Ur
    arms are so thin now as well as your body. Ur that tiny lady! haha! Love
    that! HUGS & LUV to you!

  47. Lilian V writes:

    Awesome vlog!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  48. frank ayafor writes:

    donot know you ,but very very happy 4 u.just started mine yesterday 2012 01
    02,decided this year will be mine

  49. marciiee writes:

    I’m a newbie to HCG and I haven’t done any vlogs. However, I’m in phase 3
    of my first round and I am enjoying my experience. I had very successful
    releases in p2. I have a long way to go yet, and it’s awesome people like
    you who share their experiences that are inspiring me and keeping me on
    track. Thank you for sharing. You look amazing by the way! =)

  50. Jason Fidalgo writes:

    Great job.. Congrats

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