Hcg Diet~Round 5 VLCD #30 *P2 Egg Day Results -.9 lbs*

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Was having extreme inflammation in my body and stalled at 155.4 lbs ending this round. Decided to jolt my system yesterday with an egg day (1st time on VLCD). Ate 6 eggs + 4 Chocolate delights for a release of -.9 lbs and weighed in at 154.5 lbs today. Also talk about how i gained +4.75 inches when I measured on Sunday. Total released this round is 17.9 lbs in 30 VLCDs for an average of .6 lbs per day. Happy gurl here.
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25 Responses to “Hcg Diet~Round 5 VLCD #30 *P2 Egg Day Results -.9 lbs*”

  1. MsHcGGirl writes:

    all the time on P2 & P3. 

  2. SharonEscamilla6 writes:

    thank you for your reply! Do you use other spices by chance? Spiced like unsweetened cocoa powder, etc?

  3. MsHcGGirl writes:

    I do. 🙂

  4. SharonEscamilla6 writes:

    Can you have cream in your coffee on an egg day in P3?

  5. marcey76 writes:

    Thanks for sharing your success Mshcggirl. You inspire others and it really does help me through the rough patches to watch someone like you who sees the light at the end of the tunnel! You look amazing by the way!

  6. hsnnut writes:

    You look fabulous!! Yep those egg days do work. You look really thin :). It’s been hitting over 100 here too. Yep their is ALOT of newbies doing HCG now. You REALLY look great 🙂

  7. MsHcGGirl writes:

    Hey Gurl! Thanks for the support & Well Wishes! ♥ya

  8. MsHcGGirl writes:

    thank YOU gurl! I hope you are rested from your great vacation. I need to catch up on vlogs and see if you added a new one. HUGS & LUV!♥

  9. MsHcGGirl writes:

    Need to catch up on vlogs and see if you made your goal. Good luck! (belated)♥

  10. bestnew4 writes:

    Hey MsHCGgirl…congratulations on the long year of success. You have done extremely great and I hope that I can follow in your footsteps! Good wishes for continued success!

  11. mommakato4 writes:

    You are such and encouragement to me!…. You are doing Awesome!…. Listening to your body and living it!….. another Great Vlog!……Hugs!

  12. queenb4king1 writes:

    Yeaaaa! I lost 1 full pound. Go egg day. I hope I reach my goal within the next 8 days. Wish me luck:)

  13. gimmecurves writes:

    good for you gurl…..I’m proud of you……you lookin so good….btw…I tried to respond to one of your vlogs…it gave me errors…but I wanted to say tnx for the 70’s shout…LOL
    I loved it..I’m a 70’s child….be blessed girl….try to stay cool.

  14. MsHcGGirl writes:

    Good luck! Let me know how your day goes. 🙂

  15. MsHcGGirl writes:

    Success is Hcg! U know that! lol I am enjoying every minute of this hot temperatures! The numbers are NOT what matters! I am getting rid of abnormal fat. 🙂 U know that! lol Tks for the support & comment! hugs

  16. queenb4king1 writes:

    Tom is here for me and he’s messing with the scale.since I love eggs I’m going to try an egg day myself.I think that u did great this round and its time to rest.congrats girl. I’m sure that once u get more food in your body you’ll feel better:)

  17. Sourpusscandy writes:

    eggs are my hcg comfort food, but yeah, 9 is bordering on overdose!

  18. chunknomore writes:

    whoa the 90’s?? crazy. We are lucky to get into the 60’s here! I sure hope you don’t stay dizzy. I’ve had some major brain fog as well especially towards the end of the round. Have a fantastic P3 and good time with the hubs. Glad you are still finding that you had success even though the numbers weren’t high!

  19. justgranny45 writes:

    Thanks for your encouraging words and support. Luff ya :)

  20. MsHcGGirl writes:

    Dont beat yourself up over a bad round. Doing a bad round is better than doing NO ROUNDS whatsoever! Be encouraged. Ur trucking along. Snails still cross the finish line. 🙂

  21. MsHcGGirl writes:

    Thanks! I think so too.!!

  22. MsHcGGirl writes:

    yea…today really sucked with lots of joint pain. UGH!
    Luv ya gurl!♥

  23. MsHcGGirl writes:

    I know! The dizziness is gone today after eating P3! Imagine that. Appreciate your support!♥

  24. MsHcGGirl writes:

    ahhhh Y….♥ya back gurl!

  25. MsHcGGirl writes:

    thank You so much! 

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