HCG Diet Tips – Why use B12 with MIC Lipotropic injectables for Faster Weight Loss?

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50 Responses to “HCG Diet Tips – Why use B12 with MIC Lipotropic injectables for Faster Weight Loss?”

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  2. 42lupusbutterfly writes:

    Do you still sell the b12 w/MIC I looked on ur site and was unable to find
    it! You can send me the information please at sm2516@nova.edu

  3. annancesar316ab writes:

    I tryed to finded on ur site but couldn’t. Can u send me the direct link?
    My email is benfamily316@yahoo.com thanks juan

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    June, 1922, by Goerge H. Doran Company, New York. The Philosophical Library

  6. Patrick Hanna writes:

    Hey, I am on phase 3 moving to phase 4 reached my weight goal, is it still
    worth taking?

  7. soslabass writes:

    should we shot on fat like on mesotherapy or intramuscle?

  8. D1Poet writes:

    Does b12 already come with the complete kits? I ordered a complete kit
    recently but have not been able to get an answer.

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  10. Angelina Barfield writes:

    MIC Injections do work! I went to a local doctor here who has a weight loss
    program and got my first MIC injection last Tuesday, 6 days ago, and I’ve
    already lost 6 lbs! It’s heaven sent!lol

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    Oral version of the B12 Lipo Injections Search Amazon or Ebay for
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  15. TheMrsTucker writes:

    I find this confusing. When you get these shot in the Dr office they’re
    given with a larger/longer needle that I don’t see on your site. How do I
    get that?

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  17. karolpreciosa1 writes:

    I want to buy the hcg for the firts time i know you have lots of videos
    about the hcg to buy but im a little scare can you please explain why is
    5000 and 10000 ect can you please explain i need to lose 50 to 60 pounds

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    What is the proper way to store this once it is mixed?

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  30. indy1799 writes:

    Does the product suppress your appetite?

  31. MsBestsunshine writes:

    Hey how is it going! Are you still slimming with the HCG? I am hoping you
    have has great success cause I am gong to buy a box today as my eating has
    gotten out of control! my weight is off the hook! LOL if i don’t do
    something soon I wil have to go buy bigger panties!LOL And wow Yes I will
    start walking 1 hour – 2 hours per day got a new pair of walking shoes &
    two walking trek sticks to help with my balalnce so no excuses to at least
    not take a walk around a park or lake or my the hood. ;D

  32. everthingswagg16 writes:

    Baby u r sexy and u keep going u Rock!!!

  33. Evgen Vishnya writes:

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  34. HoneyB. Hustle writes:

    WoW you have over 13,000 views we keep coming back to see if you have
    posted anything else. Can you please make another video. If it worked Great
    if it didn’t then your viewers would like to know. If you fell off then
    that’s okay you’re human just like we all are. Just try again. YOU HAVE
    SUPPORTERS & ARE ALL BEHIND YOU NO MATTER WHAT. (i hope to here something
    from you soon )

  35. sosodeaf2008 writes:

    Why haven’t u posted up any more videos on your goal.. cause I want to
    start and your my motivation

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  37. hcgprettierme1234 writes:

    Hey there, I am so proud of your efforts on this weight loss. It seems that
    you might be confused on some points of the protocol though. There is no
    reason other than cheating that you should not lose 15 lbs in the first 7
    days. Just stay with it and get a copy of Dr. Simeons Pounds and Inches
    which the diet is based upon. Its 500 specific calories and drink a gallon
    of water a day. No cheating and this weight will fly off. Good luck girlie!

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    Have you heard about “Lean Body Maximizer”? (check it out on google) It is
    a quick and easy way to lose weight fast.

  39. TzerBoss writes:

    so by the time you have your second meal you have already had your daily
    allowance if not more, needed to sustain lean muscle..off course there are
    other things that maintain muscle but for the most part it makes since..btw
    i am no professional i just researched it and so can u =)

  40. Tanya Davidson writes:

    Ur important to me ur back round kept me from hearing u, no noise plzs

  41. brendayluis14 writes:

    Were your drops brown

  42. TheProben333 writes:

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  43. sherrell james writes:

    Hey I’m thinking about buying this brand from walmart, thanks for the
    motivation, so what goes on o Phase 1?

  44. amber sears writes:

    U put it under ur tongue three drops a day

  45. Somethingminusme writes:

    u go girl im proud of you i just started im at day 5 tomorrow.

  46. Lauren Guiliano writes:

    Was that a ghost lol

  47. TzerBoss writes:

    hey if you all are wondering if you are losing muscle mass on this diet
    like i was.. i came across this article that tells the best ways to keep
    and maintain muscle and that is mostly through having enough protein the
    average adult female needs about 46 grams per day and men need 56. and
    researching the meats that is allowed on the hcg diet they make sure apply
    that to the diet. for example hcg allows 3.5 oz of chicken thats already 30
    grams. continue…

  48. SheGoesByGG writes:

    u look like nicki minaj and lauren london

  49. Hilary Camarillo writes:

    how are your results now?

  50. FeliceHCGdieter writes:

    great job!!! keep up the good work 🙂

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