Has anyone tried the master cleanse is it only for over wieght people?

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Question by K.O.B.: Has anyone tried the master cleanse is it only for over wieght people?
I have been lookin into the master cleanse for awhile and it seems like that extra boost I need. I dont really need to loose weight maybe just a little bit on my stomach. I am also trying to gain weight, when i say weight I mean muscle mass. But I wouldnt mind having that extra energy also I have been eating alot healthier No fast foods, No soda, & no chocolate or candy. Are there other benefits besides wieght loss sorry for the length of questions thanks

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Answer by Snuggy
I havent tried the master cleanse but I researched it too on the internet. It is basically a detox for your body, I think. But there are healthier ways of doing that without starving yourself and only drinking liquids for two weeks! Try doing a healthier detox which will give you energy and lift weights and do resistance training to gain muscle mass.

For my detox, I ate lots of fiber and protein like salmon. Drink water with some lemon juice, talke vitamins(omega fish oil, probiotics) and soak yourself in a warm bath with epsom salt to get rid of toxins in your body. You’re doing great so far with eating healthier and not drinking soda!

Also, green tea is good for you. It is a good source of antioxidant which will benefit you!

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One Response to “Has anyone tried the master cleanse is it only for over wieght people?”

  1. miss_know_one writes:

    I did it for 9 days, I felt week and tired most of the time. I’ve done some more reserch on the internet and because you eat so few calories while doing it, your body burns fat and muscle to give it’s self energy. As a detox and energizer it is complealty useless. You will lose weight but sadly also muscle mass, This definitly dosent sound like the right diet for you. I also did it with a detox in mind as I am allready slim. All it did was make me cold and tired and the weight loss brought my BMI down to 18.8 , which is only a little way off being underweight. Of couse once you go back to eating your body stores all the fat it can because it is in starvation mode, and it takes a long time to build your muscles back, please don’t make the same mistake I did, The only thing it is good for is putting you off fad diets for the rest of your life =(

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