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  11. freeforce3 writes:

    Well I have about 120lbs to lose. Since Jan first I lost 8-10 lbs. I am
    restricting my calorie intake from over 3000 cal to around 1200-1600 a day.
    I go to the gym 2-3 times a day and use the tredmill. (not my arch of the
    foot hurts sometimes with a dull pain) umm Do you know anything about that?
    Also What can I do to get some abs, I can not work out a lot, just 2 -3
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    Hey great videos man! I was hoping you could give me some suggestion or
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    a day on the treadmill every single day for 4 and a half months and dropped
    from 201 pounds to 154 pounds (i’m 22 years old, 5’8″) and I still have
    more weight to lose but i’m not sure if I should continue running or do
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  24. darcy nova writes:

    I need help losing my my side n lower fat stomach…? Im 5’7” 175lbs… I
    used to be 220lbs.. I life weight 5 day a week.. and run 5 day a week.. It
    just wont go no where.. please help?

  25. Khang Le writes:

    Hi theres,my names khang j lee hey nice.unique video on dieting,Changing up
    things as well as.building a.home one day at a time but for me im a
    sensitive to carbs n diary products do you have any suggestions for people
    or guys who are straight up endomorphs an to be honest wit you youre
    ethnicity or race has nothin to do witnthis video thats just youre opinions
    n stste of mind,i believes the best overall thing is to just help people or
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