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  1. GivMeRationality writes:

    It’s all good man. I would eat cottage cheese…. I know it is good for you, I just can’t handle the texture.

  2. Funk Roberts writes:

    Sorry about bad - Funk

  3. ujellybrah1 writes:

    plain yogurt sucks tbh

  4. GivMeRationality writes:

    not cottage cheese, CREAM cheese.Just a tbsp or two of the lowfat strawberry for flavor

  5. Funk Roberts writes:

    Me Too – Funk

  6. Funk Roberts writes:

    I would go with the fresh fruit and nuts and save the cottage cheese for another snack. If you wsnt to increase your metabolism, burn fat while building lean muscle, then nutrition is key and having a source of protein with each meal/snack is essential. (eating 5-6 meals per day) The Cottage Cheese is a great snack too – Funk

  7. Funk Roberts writes:

    Hey Ice,
    You are right plain yogurt is terrible..this is why you get GREEK YOGURT, which is an awesome source of protein…not regular yogurt but greek.

  8. itstheiceman11 writes:

    Problem though with the yogurt is that there’s sugar/high frutcose corn syrup in it.
    Unless you get it plain.
    I’ve been trying to find a yogurt for awhile that has lots of protein and less sugar but haven;t found any luck.
    Am I better off just sticking with plain yogurt and skipping the flavored yogurt?
    Would it be smart to just buy plain yogurt and put in strawberries or bananas instead of getting the flavored yogurt?

  9. pinkiedoll27 writes:

    My fav yogurt its like ice cream to me 🙂

  10. GivMeRationality writes:

    I like mixing a tablespoon of lowfat strawberry or blueberry cream cheese for flavor, along with some fresh fruit . Good stuff.

  11. Kaylawrites writes:

    Love this yogurt ♥

  12. KomodoVistas writes:

    The problem with yogurt today is that it’s mostly marketed towards women with their cute dinky cups that don’t fill up anyone, so it’s hardly taken seriously. Men (or really just everyone) are missing out on the potential of a full bowl of yogurt!

  13. AmusingYeti writes:

    False. The body will apply the illeal brake and slow down digestion. The human body is not wasteful and everything you consume will be digested. “simple logic” is irrelevant in the face of documented scientific research. Not to mention most of your meals overlap anyway (in the gut) You eat your meal; have a break and then consume more food whilst the body is still processing the first. This causes an overlap so at this time there could be 100+g of protein in your gut.

  14. jimmy97844 writes:

    the body can only make use of a certain amount of the protein/carbs/fat that you put into it at one time. Simple logic will dictate that. However, everyone’s body is different. My body might be able to put 50grams of protein to good use, while someone else might be able to put 40. There’s no definite number that qualifies for everyone. Nutrition will never be an exact science, as everyone’s physiology is a little different. but i’m still looking for somethign about the 6 meals

  15. AmusingYeti writes:

    No its not. Care to point out what part of that factual scientific evidence is incorrect?

    “That is very wrong; does not cut it.” Read a book kid.

  16. jimmy97844 writes:

    that is VERY wrong lmao

  17. Yzabella27 writes:

    I actually for the first time today, bought and ate This same exact yogourt, Always a little afraid of what it might taste, but realizing that it had alot more protein into it than low fat cottage cheese. This yogourt is delicious… I even cut an apple, heated it up just a little bit adding cinnemon to it and a splash of vanilla extract and half a handfull of almonds … Wow it was one Great Treat.

  18. AmusingYeti writes:

    Obviously it would be really awkward to have 1 meal a day; but its more a proof of concept. Im on 5000kcal a day so i split mine up into 3 meals. Makes it easier for me. A lot of what you think is correct is actually false due to the idiotic fitness world we live in. Theres no such thing as the anabolic window. Saturated fats and certain trans fats are good for you; and ENDLESS other things! This is why i look through the actual papers conducted on the topic.

  19. AmusingYeti writes:

    No one told me. When you want to learn something about diet and nutrition you HAVE to look at the scientific papers themselves. Dont trust anyone or anything! The human body is not wasteful. Its linked in with the whole; “The human body can only digest 30-40g of protein at one time” Complete nonsense. Your body applies the illeal brake and just digests it later. The research has proven many times that 7 meals is the same as 1.

  20. fume423 writes:

    who told you there is not metabolic advantage to having 5-7 meals a day compared to 1 meal???

  21. TheRandomhero96 writes:

    im digging the flower bowl funk lol keep up the great videos

  22. AmusingYeti writes:

    I love greek yoghurt so much. Mix in a spoonful of honey for a great pre/post workout snack. Also Funk you dont “need” 6 or 7 meals a day. Theres no metabolic advantage to having 7 meals a day or even 1. If you could get all your macros in one meal it would have the exact same effect as 7 meals.

    Love the kitchen by the way :)

  23. youngsoldier93 writes:

    Any Tips and Tricks for a Wrestler That just started?

  24. Primetome writes:

    Good advice Funk! Thank you,

  25. yokie52 writes:

    …move to California…that’s where you get the sing-song, childish sounding accent. I, personally, hate it.

  26. blythemetz writes:

    I left you a message with a link to my weekly raw foods and natural beauty show, I make it super quick and easy to prepare live foods. You can do it!!

  27. PinkBotox writes:

    I wan to go raw, but don’t know how to cook at all, so thank you for this, please keep the recipes coming!

  28. pbathan27 writes:

    This looks yummy. I remember that’s how they cut young coconut in the Philippines. I like your voice.

  29. blinkme478 writes:


  30. Scott Maher writes:

    Have you heard of Don Tolman ?

  31. HealthNut71 writes:

    what was that brand of probiotic powder?

  32. HallowedHoly writes:

    NICE chops!! Great recipe for converting from non-living/unhealthy “counterfeit” nutrition!

    THANK YOU for posting your videos. These are great way to keep our (physical) base well-balanced. Without that, we have great difficult accessing other portions of our overall Being. Keep up the GREAT work!!!

  33. BasherCoon writes:

    like like like…

  34. LoveNow1111 writes:

    I have a few questions concerning the NPC products that you use. Their site does not offer much information on them: Is it vegan, raw, organic? Does it have gluten? I’m not a fan of supplements and would prefer to get all the necessary nutrients from food; therefore, is the probiotic scientifically made or does it originate from a plant? You have taught me a lot and therefore I find truth in your words- what makes you choose NPC over other brands?

    Thank you so much for all your wisdom.

  35. TheLoserKingdom writes:

    How often do you get sick? Not as much as me I would assume. Gosh, I NEED an Vitamix. I Can’t wait to go RAW!

  36. blythemetz writes:

    Hi, Thanks for your question. It last in the fridge about 3 days.

  37. livefit2day writes:

    so how long is it good for… i assume to refrigerate after the 24 hrs…

  38. iRewel writes:

    I’d fuck the shit out of her and cum all over her tits & face.

  39. drwalle writes:

    Whole Foods Market carries it. I know there is at least one in Vancouver.

  40. beyuo08 writes:

    ***** :)

  41. mjlmatt writes:

    I have been looking for a yogurt replacement for my kids! I’m going to try this one and cross my fingers.

    Thank You.

  42. VidamErika writes:

    Hi there, I am from Victoria, did you find it out where can we buy that probiotic powder and which brand?
    thank you

  43. buckheadhobo writes:

    How long does this stuff keep? Sounds yummy.

  44. blythemetz writes:

    sure thing, you’re right, that recipe is very involved. This is easy. Just core out a young coconut by cutting the top off, dumping the water in the blender, then scrap out the coconut meet and put in the blender. Just blend for a min or so until smooth and pour out into covered glass container. Add probiotic powder or liquid and let sit on counter over night. Next day put in fridge, it will last 3 days. Blend with berries or banana, or raw cacao powder. I’d use 2 coconuts for first batch.

  45. nana0701 writes:

    hunny there’s to much thing to put… any thing more easier than this… yet non dairy..:)

  46. RawBeauty4Life writes:

    me too! My name is also Jen, that;s cool to see others from Vancouver joining the raw food movement

  47. 313HealthyMe writes:

    I love this video. How wonderful you are for sharing this information with all of us, Thank you for sharing 🙂

  48. jenn198310 writes:

    where to get the probiotic powder and which brand did u say it was??? i need to check grocery stores here so please let me know i am in canada in vancouver

  49. leoca writes:

    You look great by the way.

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