Full Meal Plan to Lose Weight

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This is a sample of a Full Meal Plan to help you Lose Weight and achieve your goals. The foundation of this meal plan has: • 3 ounces of lean protein • 1 com…
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Finally another meal prep vid. The number way to be successful in weight loss programs are to be prepared. Planning meal is very easy and will save time and …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Full Meal Plan to Lose Weight”

  1. Anamika R writes:

    Joanna, u r so sweet and humble.Very straight and clearly conveying the
    message and helping people lyk us. BIG BIG FAN!!

  2. David Simons writes:

    Hi, I was just wondering if you could put some mayonnaise in your egg and
    avacado mixture? By the way, I love your video(s). I’m going to subscribe.
    Thanks for making these videos, too.

  3. Matthew vibert writes:

    Yo yo… Wonderful clip. My cousin was formerly overweight. He went from
    279lbs of fat into 203 lbs of complete lean muscle mass. We think it is
    amazing! I just joined myself because I’m attempting to get bigger muscles.
    He used the Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)…

  4. Theresa Aberilla writes:

    Preping id good, but how about the “bacteria” developing within three days
    in the food!

  5. Lucy Anderson writes:

    Thanks Joanna. It’s day 3 for me now as I started this diet on Sunday and
    I’m still going strong. I’ve lost 2lbs already and I’m not having any
    cravings for anything else because the meals are satisfying me and
    maintaining my blood sugar levels.

  6. Joanna Soh writes:

    Awesome Lucy! Yes, change and adapt the meals according to your taste. Kep
    it up. =)

  7. Simone Quary writes:

    Is there another alternative for some of the meals? I would like having
    variety and I’ll try to do this 🙂

  8. RikkeTakera1 writes:

    I like your Guinness glass. That’s classy!

  9. Lucy Anderson writes:

    Hi Joanna – just started watching your videos today & I’m amazed because I
    have for the first time in ages actually stuck to a diet plan for a whole
    day! So thank u for posting this vid. Your meal plan is really good and
    it’s all food that I enjoy eating. I didn’t like chicken with cottage
    cheese in the wrap though so I’ve decided to just have a little bit of
    sweet chilli sauce in the chicken wrap instead and have a small cup of
    cottage cheese separate. Drinking my smoothie right now x

  10. sbhgrace3 writes:

    Joanna, mmmm this meal plan looks delicious! I like the fact that it is
    simple to cook and not a lot of ingredients. I am super busy and don’t have
    time to cook complex meals or find weird ingredients so this is great, and
    it actually sounds good! I can’t wait to try all of these recipes. The way
    you explain things I will be able to come up with other meals with similar
    nutrition and calories-thank you so much!!!

  11. x3anjool writes:

    Thank you so much Joanna! I like the fact that you don’t restrict wholemeal
    bread and wraps!

  12. xVyae writes:

    Avocado is a fruit. What’s your reasoning behind avoiding red meat?

  13. Christine Villasenor writes:

    darn the breakfast would kill me (allergic to avocado lol)

  14. Andu Mincu writes:

    Very motivational

  15. shirurin lyn writes:

    I really like the recipes that you’ve shared. It’s so simple and the best
    thing is, it uses very little ingredients. 😀 Everything in Singapore is so
    expensive 🙁 But following your meal plans and videos/recipes, it really
    helps a lot compared to other eating clean recipe books that I’ve borrowed
    since most of the recipes required lots of ingredients 🙂

  16. SeunghoSaranghae writes:

    many thanks for your answer ! is it also okay to eat at 8pm regular quark
    with sweetener and 1 and a half hand full of raspberries? will it prevent
    fat loss at night?

  17. Joanna Soh writes:

    Hi Yohana, course you can. Any other protein will be fine. beans, chicken,
    fish, tofu etc. you can scramble tofu with avocado too. =D

  18. Joanna Soh writes:

    Hi Abid.. LOL! I did mention in the video that it’s for 2 servings. So it’s
    really just 1 whole egg and 1 egg white. =) of course you can just have 1
    whole egg as well.

  19. Joanna Soh writes:

    Haha! LOL. You need to start importing your own. =p It’s fine to have corn
    flour. I don’t believe in restricting to only certain type of food
    especially when we have no options. Instead, have it in moderation. I love
    wraps. Enjoy yours! =D

  20. SeunghoSaranghae writes:

    hey joanna. i can’t finde ANYWHERE here in germany a whole grain wrap – is
    it THAT BAD if i use a corn white flour wrap?.. i just wanted to make your
    wrap so badly, that i just bought it x.x

  21. Abid Iqbal writes:

    hello joanna,2eggs and 2 egg whites…wont that be too heavy for a
    breakfast? How about if i just have one boiled whole egg,1 toast and half
    the avocado…will it still be good?Plz exp[lain the need for 4 eggs…so
    that i may understand..thank u

  22. Yohana Tia writes:

    i had an allergic to an egg. if i eat too much egg i’ll get a boil or my
    skin and it feel itch 😐 so can i sometimes change the egg with something
    else? if it could, i have to replaced it with what? thank you so much

  23. Chef writes:

    I hear it’s not good to drink water while eating because it slows
    digestion…it get’s in the way of the acid in the stomach

  24. Joanna Soh writes:

    hi Niya, yup regular yoghurt is fine too. =)

  25. NiyasHair Journey writes:

    What is a good greek yogurt and cottage cheese substitute? Im severely
    allergic to both. Is regular yogurt okay? Very informative for a beginner
    such as myself. Thanks

  26. Susan Bybee writes:

    Well done!

  27. souljagurlsha writes:

    it is, once u get the hang of it.

  28. TotallyTyra writes:

    You make it seem so simple!

  29. souljagurlsha writes:

    Def try it, makes life so much easier

  30. edith lewis writes:

    I didny think I could do meal planning, but I think im going to give it a
    try great video

  31. souljagurlsha writes:

    thank u so much, glad u found it helpful.

  32. Hudson1910 writes:

    Your arms look fantastic! And thanks so much for the video, because I
    really need some meal planning tips. You make it look easy.

  33. Maria Blackwell writes:

    Your video is the best on this topic because you show the meals for the
    entire day with snacks! Very well organized very simple. Thanks!

  34. souljagurlsha writes:

    Thank u so much, jus subbed.

  35. TheAbStand writes:

    Meal prep is one of the biggest steps towards a successful weight loss
    program – thanks for sharing! Hope you give us a visit when you get a

  36. souljagurlsha writes:

    Thank u so much, glad it was helpful.

  37. souljagurlsha writes:

    I’m not sure if the calories are the same on day 7 either. I sometimes
    freeze not sure if that would help.

  38. souljagurlsha writes:

    u could try either freezing them which is what I do somethimes are only do
    3 days at a time which is what I do sometimes

  39. Nena Niamh writes:

    I want to pre-prep my meals, but won’t the food start tasting weird as the
    days go by?

  40. Peter Roth writes:

    you should add that you seem to work out a lot. Cos 2500cal will get a
    petite girl that doesn’t do sports a fat lady pretty fast 😉 Allinall i
    think you are doing a good job, coz u never punish eating for a single
    second in your video. A little criticism if allowed, i’m not quite sure if
    eating a preprepped meal on day seven is the idea of nutrition. Of course
    it still has a low amount of calories but a lot of the good stuff that’s in
    it on day 1 is gone on day 4 or so. But u do a good job! cya

  41. souljagurlsha writes:

    i do’t do them too much

  42. souljagurlsha writes:

    Thank u so much

  43. souljagurlsha writes:

    jus hav to make things super easy.

  44. souljagurlsha writes:

    awesome, I do a lil of everything. thanx

  45. souljagurlsha writes:

    I try to stay under 2500 cal.

  46. souljagurlsha writes:

    ur very welcome

  47. souljagurlsha writes:

    Thanx, glad it was helpful. Seems like I havn’t prepped in weeks. I def
    need to get back on my A game. Thanx again for watching

  48. Chip Tausch writes:

    Thanks. This vid helped me because I’m going through a similar organizing
    process for meals. Trying to get more organized. One thing I do is I cook
    dinner fresh most every day because I live with family. I like how you do
    hard boiled eggs, probably a lot easier, I just cook eggs every morning.
    And thanks for identifying not to cook chicken more than 3-4 days in
    advance. It does get kinda weird after that. so I’ll probably do “meal
    prep” days Wednesday and Saturdays or something like that.

  49. cristian rivas writes:

    Very helpful! Thank you for posting this!

  50. pigpoo101 writes:

    What’s your calorie and carb count for the day?

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