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Β * http * Juicing for Weight Loss * Free Juicing Recipes * ❀ Young Coconut Celery Cucumber Spinach Green Juice ❀ **BONUS HEALTHY SALAD RECIPE!** When you have good spinach on hand, chop it up with some chopped red peppers, then squeeze lime juice over the top: it is the most delicious fat free salad you could ever have. πŸ˜€ * I ngredients * β€” 1 Thai Young Coconut (Coconut Water) β€” 1 head of Celery β€” 1 Cucumber (unpeeled if organic, peeled if inorganic) β€” 1 bunch of Spinach (organic is vital here…only get it if it looks vibrant and fresh!) * P reparation * β€” 1) Openyoung coconut to get coconut water out ~ watch this video if you need help: β€” 2) Run celery, cucumber and spinach through your Breville juicer, or whatever the best juicer is for you. β€” 3) Combine juice with the coconut water and add ice, if desired. β€” 4) Enjoy! * I nspiration * β€” I love fruits and vegetables…so I feel more like a fruit and vegetable teacher, than a raw food teacher! β€” The Truth is in between the words. On your spiritual journey, you will soon wake up to realize that you do not know ANYTHING. Or, you may already be aware of this right now. πŸ˜€ β€” Fruits, vegetables and herbs are for so many different types of people: they are for athletes, they are for people who want to lose weight, they are for people who like to meditate, they are for those who need to heal up chronic and degenerative diseases… basically, they are for everyone <b>…<b>

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