Free Juicer Recipes * Kale – Carrot – Lemon Cucumber – Young Coconut Water *

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Free Juicing Recipes * Raw Food Weight Loss * Free Easy Healthy Recipes * Raw Food Diet Menu * Eating Raw Food Diet Weight Loss * ❤ Fresh ‘n’ Healthy Kale, C…
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25 Responses to “Free Juicer Recipes * Kale – Carrot – Lemon Cucumber – Young Coconut Water *”

  1. Stanley Gerard writes:

    Thanks for recipe and the teachings

  2. TheSustainMe writes:

    Thanks. I just bought these ingredients and I am ready to juice.

  3. myzzio writes:

    Its only the second video of urs that ive watched and Ive already fallen in
    love with you. I need to find people like you around where I live. We are
    very much alike in our way of thinking except Im a vegan not a raw food
    vegan… although im not opposed to the latter

  4. liferegenerator writes:

    Too heavy in the morning! Sluggish for the rest of the day!

  5. Kyle Perreira writes:

    Is coconut fat better than avocado fat? I been raw for 27days but have been
    eating lots of avocados. I would like to switch to coconut meat but I need
    to buy a better knife first, lol

  6. bilko1971 writes:

    Wow! Thanks Dan and Krista. This is the second life journey that i have
    been guided to through youtube no less. The first being Tiptoechick (
    although most of her videos are gone now ). Both of them so positive, full
    of love, joy and truth that it makes my head spin sometimes. I FEEL the
    truth in your words, and bloopers;). I recognize so much of what you are
    saying through my own studies which makes it all the more awesome for me.
    Hope you both had a great time line dancing. Ian

  7. tandra henry writes:

    Love his personality!

  8. liferegenerator writes:

    Do what you gotta do to stay raw and if you eat lots of raw fat at first
    its ok! You will want to adjust later to lower fat but just take YOUR sweet
    time! 🙂 Keep on!

  9. Kyle Perreira writes:

    Thanks!! Keep up the great videos! I’m addicted!

  10. 3dmaster writes:

    Hey Dan I just started this yesturday and I want to thank you for your
    videos and inspiring me to do so. I thought the green juice would be really
    hard to drink but it wasn’t even bad at all. I’m gonna stick with it. In
    this video you told some about the detox symptoms could you make a video
    just about that like you said cuz I’d like to know more of what to expect
    if possible.

  11. MrThatsrightbaby writes:

    you are sexy mate! natural is sexy, so dont worry about how thin you are,
    or how much weight you can benchpress lol! your body looks really healthy,
    as does your persona. thanks for sharing your tips on health and nutrition.
    what kind of juicer are you using? i need to get one but not sure which
    brand works best…

  12. RITRTR writes:

    AAAHHH preferences lol I hate those brain freezes. I wonder if it o.k to
    juice vegtables that aren’t perfectly fresh maybe a week old or so. Anybody

  13. saballett writes:

    I thought you had to refrigerate the juice or use ice and – I thought it’s
    not a good idea to let it sit too long? not more than 10 min.??

  14. DonCheto323 writes:

    nice vid bro! You explain yourself good

  15. liferegenerator writes:

    A lifetime….But it just keeps getting better and better and more and more
    fun and infinity rewarding, all the while you’ll be getting more and more
    beautiful! Sound OK? 🙂

  16. LovingChoice writes:

    Helloooo!!! Dan, I love your videos Peace.

  17. opumahmud72 writes:

    Have you heard about Max Muscle Method? (Google it) It is a quick and easy
    way for you to bulk up fast.

  18. poshdelux writes:

    u are amaizing! keep up the spirit, energy, and thank you for sharing!

  19. liferegenerator writes:

    They are both excellent raw fats! Young coconut meat has short-chained
    FAST-burning saturated fat in it…a truly unique & powerful form of
    saturated fat, that essentially “encourages” the body to burn its own fat
    (and gives cooked animal saturated fats a bad name…as they do NOT have
    this effect). Avocado has monounsaturated fat which is good for your heart
    & cholesterol levels…and it is more filling than coconut meat, btw.
    Use/enjoy both! Krista (I’m working in Dan’s acct right now!) 😉

  20. Dreadwitch writes:

    tasting chemicals for days, gas, headaches, and nervous energy are my only
    detox symptoms i can think of right off the top of my head o_o

  21. freakyOUTTIE1 writes:

    hey dan, i totally mixed up leeks/ green peppers/ broccoli/ parsley/
    avocado and coco juice together..and man….i drinking that right now and i
    feel like a million bucks right now.

  22. notroubleatall writes:

    We are so used to seeing overweight and obese people everywhere, I think we
    forget what a healthy, fit body looks like. I mean, it’s said that the
    average American woman is 5’4″, 140 pounds, and a size 14. That might be
    average, but average does not healthy.

  23. Imskinnyinside writes:

    How long does the complete detox process take? Years? Just curious.

  24. notroubleatall writes:

    Err, that last sentence should say average does not *equal* healthy.

  25. Luke Foreman writes:

    cool crap

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