Foods for Boosting Metabolism

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Video Rating: 0 / 5 – How to boost your metabolism and preventing weight gain as you age? That’s the question I’m answering in episode #24 of “Ask Yuri”.

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8 Responses to “Foods for Boosting Metabolism”

  1. Soccer7SG writes:

    I like your approach.

  2. TheRealDirtyScary writes:

    @pakman800 I don’t know man, it’s just something I read once.

  3. pakman800 writes:

    thanks for your answer. Exactly hose “empty calories” I am looking for, if I already received all good nutrients from the rest of my diet, you get my point? I dont really see how it is poison for your body. If u take a cupcake. Flour sugar fat. Unsaturated is a good energy source to be burned in the next workout. Flour/sugar quickly broken down to simple sugars and then used as fast energy. Where is the poison?

  4. Palmerito writes:

    Thanks, Yuri, for answering my question. I will take your advice to heart. I have also just started a running program with interval training on the days where I don’t lift weights.

  5. TheRealDirtyScary writes:

    @pakman800 good question. I would say eating sugar has it’s own set of negative side effects, it’s basically poison to your system if it’s refined. Empty calories too that will spike your insulin and cause a cycle of excessive hunger

  6. pakman800 writes:

    Secondly. Say you have a basic calory need of 3000kcal, and workout another 1000kcal per day. If you now get all the good nutrients you need in two meals (big healthy breakfast and dinner) and even with some nuts and a smoothie, your still only at 3000kcal. Will it have negative side effects, to fill up the remaining 1000kcal with “unhealthy” foods? Lets say cookies, chocolate, or other candy like stuff.

  7. pakman800 writes:

    Hey Yuri. I just started watching your videos. Really good stuff. I have two questions. I am an active rower (7+ trainings per week). I read quite a lot about nutrition, but there are a few things I cant seem to find a clear answer for.
    Firstly, what should I drink while a long exercise (1,5+ hours)
    Should water be enough? Sportsdrink with electrolytes? Can I just make one myself, with adding sugar/salt?

  8. algildea writes:

    Thanks Yuri, great as always. And best to Palmer(?) – the guy who wrote in. Good for him! I’ve just entered my forties and I’ve never looked or felt better, so keep it lit lads! Best from ireland, al

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