Flaxseed Oil Vs. Fish Oil: Which Is Better?

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http://www.SaturdayMorningDiet.com How to Use Flax Seed for Weight Loss This a video tutorial on the benefits the Flax Seeds can be to you in your weight los…

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50 Responses to “Flaxseed Oil Vs. Fish Oil: Which Is Better?”

  1. zilym writes:

    With all the radioactive waste being dumped into the ocean from the
    Fukushima nuclear power plants, I think I’ll stay away from ingesting
    anything that comes out of the ocean today. Grow your own fresh fish or eat

  2. Mattertron writes:

    Radioactive Fish oil?

  3. Marugeist Nivelo writes:

    What about all the mercury found in fish and all sea life now a days?

  4. artistNexile writes:

    Okay thanks for clarifying.

  5. shylildude writes:

    do you have or can you make a vid on cla?

  6. SinisterSkip writes:

    Seems like your product has a lot more EPA+DHA per 1000mg though. Do you
    have more info about the FDA inspection, maybe a source/link? Most
    supplements aren’t even touched by the FDA so I’m surprised yours is. Not
    writing off your product, but just surprised.

  7. Sean Nalewanyj writes:


  8. SinisterSkip writes:

    Just did some calculations: 1 bottle of EFA UltraPure contains 120*700mg =
    84.000mg EPA+DHA @ 22.95 (taking 3 bottle example). That’s 3600mg per
    dollar. 1 bottle of a dutch brand (won’t link unless asked) contains
    180*360mg = 64800mg EPA+DHA @ 15.90 euro (3 bottle example). That’s 4075mg
    per euro or 3091mg per dollar. So I gotta say props. Unfortunately I live
    in the Netherlands so the price including shipping of both (mg per dollar)
    would prolly be close. Gotta stick with practicality sry 🙂

  9. nightfire4107 writes:

    Why not just take both sources of omegas

  10. SinisterSkip writes:

    Sean I think your fishoil recommendation is a bit extreme and expensive. A
    high quality 1000mg fishoil pill (that’s a big one) contains about 350mg of
    combined EPA+DHA, so you’ll need like 9 fish oil pills a day and then I’m
    talking big high quality pills. For some brands you’d need TWENTY pills
    with your recommendation. It’s about 23-30 euro’s a month JUST for the
    fishoil. Lets not forget heavy metals from fish from heavily contaminated
    water. Quality control often is limited.Gotta stay careful

  11. Tight-Defence Cus D'amato writes:

    but fish oil is so horrid to take… any idea,s on how to incorparate it
    into somthing to make it less nasty tasting ?

  12. Tight-Defence Cus D'amato writes:

    but is grinded Linseed/Flaxseed ( in a coffee grinder ) better than fish
    oil ? its said that linseed has almost twice as much omega 3 than fish
    oil… so iv,e read

  13. Barry Kelly writes:

    I’m using udos oil. Ever heard of this Sean?

  14. Sean Nalewanyj writes:

    You can certainly still consume both, but if you want to make sure you’re
    getting enough EPA/DHA daily then fish oil is a smart idea.

  15. cprfilmz writes:

    Dem shoulders

  16. robert wilson writes:

    so in conclusion, fish oil is very salubrious. And Sean is very assiduous.

  17. D. Almeida writes:

    Did this guy ever take a breath??

  18. artistNexile writes:

    I’ve always been told that Flaxseed was better because of its higher
    concentration of omega 3 in comparison to fish oil. I am not a body builder
    and I’m not trying to build muscle I just want to be healthy. Now is your
    endorsement of Fish Oil over Flaxseed oil due to its benefits in body
    building or in general?

  19. Sean Nalewanyj writes:

    I don’t train for size right now so the actual workouts I currently do
    would not be optimal for viewers who are mostly interested in gaining

  20. ShackieChan writes:

    Try it in gel capsules or put the spoon to the back of your tongue before
    you dump it and swallow right away.

  21. Sean Nalewanyj writes:

    This applies to everyone, not just bodybuilders. What you’re after is
    EPA/DHA and not ALA – so even if flaxseed oil has a higher omega 3
    concentration it doesn’t matter because only a small % of that is actually
    converted to EPA/DHA, whereas fish oil contains the EPA/DHA in its active

  22. f00fighter991 writes:


  23. TheSexyways writes:

    Sean, love these informative vids brother, but let’s get some workout vids
    in here. I know you have a few, but more is better. Lets get some of your
    real workouts, not informative workouts where you’re lifting light. Just
    some ideas here…

  24. rambos10 writes:

    Do not take any supplement until you do a comprehensive blood test.
    If your oemgas,vitamins,minerals are normal you do not need anything.
    If you are deficient then try change nutrition or take supplements.

    Most people wont tell you that supplements can do more harm than good if
    you dont need it.

  25. Collette Stevenson writes:
  26. Jessica J writes:

    Awesome !!! I’ve been researching flax seed n it’s awesome that helps with
    lots of things … I seriously have to try this… Tanks for sharing

  27. bellemonde77 writes:

    it is effective when it is ground otherwise no good. just put it in a

  28. Subarna Ghimire writes:

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  31. FuckeryFairy writes:

    Its amazing how you said that it has the fibre to supress appetite. and
    then you said that unfortunately it doesn NOT have fibre to lower appetite.
    wow plus you repeated like 7 slides the second time. please next time you
    make a video that is expected to be highly viewed, put some effort into
    making it.

  32. Twana Jamal writes:

    Professional presenter

  33. ThePerQLator writes:

    flax seed oil is from flax seed.. u don’t get the fiber from the oil
    alone.. the fiber is one of the most important part of the nutrients u get
    from it..

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  35. Candy Gunner writes:

    Thank you for sharing 😀

  36. Joan Diet Bars writes:

    The statement of which you speak refers to Flax Seed Oil as oppose to the
    grounded seeds them selves.

  37. insanedane2309 writes:

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  38. Igor Shagoyko writes:

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  39. vladz0rz writes:

    Flax is awesome, just ground it up, put some in your cereal, eggs,
    sandwiches, pasta sauce, breads, pancake mix, etc. It helped me shred some
    pounds :>

  40. SovereignBeing writes:

    perhaps you can mention that it is also highly estrogenic. and most people
    have issues with estrogen overload.

  41. shirinajsr writes:

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  43. Joan Diet Bars writes:

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  44. Joan Diet Bars writes:

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  45. Suraj Rajbanshi writes:

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  46. neil k writes:

    @6:25, is this video on loop

  47. ThePerQLator writes:

    omg.. ive been taking it like crazy and was wondering if it had something
    to do with me not wanting to reach for a bunch of crap constantly..
    everything its says is true!! i swear on it..

  48. antisportisti writes:

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    fat loss”. That might help you get the body you deserve.

  49. Racheal Evans writes:

    Tell us where to send your trial bottle freegarciniacambogia. biz

  50. Bill Payer writes:

    Thank you for the upload. I found your presentation to be very informative.

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